Thursday, October 25, 2012

Top Ten Favorite Anime Conventions

Been there, done that. Those four words summarize my experience attending 38 anime conventions since 1997, except that I didn't sing in karaoke, staff or volunteer, dance in the rave, and sell in the dealer's rooms. However, I danced in the black & white ball and I sold in the swap meet. I walked at the San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival's grand parade for six years.

I attended anime cons in colleges, small hotels, a retail mall, and convention centers. I attended anime conventions from the three digits to the five digits 50,000 plus attendance. I remember dealer's room sold anything anime and video games from Japan. Today's dealer's room sell mainstream goods since anyone can buy Japanese goods online. And I remember there were waiting lines to enter the dealer's room.

I experienced my share of good conventions and bad conventions. I attended Anime Expo 2000 at the Disneyland Hotel. Worse anime convention ever. I was lucky one of my friends worked at Disneyland for an internship. He had a car and drove us to restaurants and grocery stores. He knew the park and saved our asses. And I was lucky to watch the anime music videos at the standing room only section. To be fair, Disneyland was mostly at fault, not Anime Expo staff.

One of my favorite anime conventions was Fanime Con 2005, number 4 in my top ten. It was the first time I wore a cosplay (i.e. wearing a costume), hosted a panel, attended a cosplay gathering, and met new people and made new friends. Some of those new friends are still friends with me today. Most people thought Fanime Con 2005 was terrible. I agree. I was in the minority. It was a good con for me. It all comes down to what you make from the convention.

Times have changed. Those who attended conventions in the 1990s to the mid 2000s know what I'm talking about. There are more rules and bigger crowds. Gone are the days of do anything as long as nobody got hurt. The organizers are justifiably concerned about lawsuits. Where are those 1990s anime fans today? I think they still exist. Few attend anime conventions because they have new priorities. Am I implying something reminiscing my favorite moments? Here are my top ten favorite anime conventions:

10. Anime Expo 2011. I place Anime Expo '11 at number ten because I want to tell everyone I attended the Mikunopolis concert. Otherwise, I was sick throughout the con and I met very few new people. Almost all the costume gatherings were terrible.

9. Fanime Con 2003. The only complaint was the event took place two weeks before Anime Expo. There were no lines entering the dealer's room.

8. Anime Expo 1999. My first Anime Expo. It was memorable. The dealer's rooms was huge. I watched the debut of Cowboy Bebop. I attended the charity auction. My friends were cool in my hotel room. The Anaheim Hilton was beautiful. It was my first and only time I entered the old Anaheim Convention Center.

7. Fanime Con 1999. My first experience with 24 hour video programming. I slept for two hours on Sat and Sun because I wanted to watch lots of anime. I didn't have a hotel room meaning I drove back and forth from home. I ate with my family for dinner on Sat night. I told them to pick me up because I didn't want to lose my parking spot in front of the hotel. Thanks goodness I had a cell phone.

6. Japantown Anime Faire 2004. I debuted my cosplay Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist. It was the first time I wore a cosplay in an anime convention.

5. Fanime Con 2004. I watched 17 episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist during the Midnight Marathon. I stayed awake during the entire marathon. I said, "I'm going to cosplay Edward Elric" after episode #8. Furthermore, Fullmetal Alchemist saved me from quitting anime.

4. Fanime Con 2005. It was time to open up and do new activities: cosplay, talk to people, make friends, host a panel, play poker, and attend a cosplay gathering. Fun, fun, fun.

3. Anime Expo 2006. One of the last opportunities for anime attendees to goof off at the convention. The dealer's room occupied two exhibit halls. CLAMP was a guest of honor. Membership badges were mailed. It was the last time the cosplayer Man-Faye was able to attend officially. He was banned in 2007. 2006 is my all time favorite Anime Expo.

2. Fanime Con 2010. Another good convention from start to finish. The fun times from 2009 continued in 2010. I stayed at the Fairmont for the first time. I earned the most money at the swap meet. The black & white ball was bigger than 2009. I spent a good amount of time with all my friends.

1. Fanime Con 2009. The perfect convention. It couldn't get any better. Cosplay, being with people, photoshoots, making new friends, cosplay gatherings, perfect weather, black & white dance, swap meet, etc.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The San Francisco Giants Are Going To The World Series

Raise your hands if you thought the San Francisco Giants are playing in the 2012 World Series? I should see no hands up. Brian Wilson was injured for the season during the first week of the season. Pablo Sandoval was on the disabled list twice. Melky Cabrera was suspended for performance enhancing drugs. Tim Lincecum had the worse season of his career. The Giants played and won their playoff elimination games against the Cincinnati Reds down 2-0 in a best of 5 and the St. Louis Cardinals down 3-1 in a best of 7. The Giants persevered, didn't give up, and find ways to win. Congratulations to the Giants for winning the National League Pennant and playing against the Detroit Tigers for the 2012 World Series championship.

I want to share my highlights and lowlights the Giants appeared in the World Series and also winning the National League Champion Series (NLCS) to win the pennant during my lifetime. I always said "The San Francisco Giants are going to the World Series" since the 2002 season.

1989. It was my first year I started collecting baseball cards. I picked a good year. The baseball talk and baseball card conventions buzzed around the Giants and the Oakland Athletics. Will Clark and Kevin Mitchell were popular.

I watched Game 1 with my family and uncle's family. My uncle said the Giants had no chance. He was right. Dave Stewart pitched a complete game win. I watched Game 2 alone. I studied Algebra because I was behind in my homework during Game 3. The Loma Prieta Earthquake magnitude 6.9 happened at 5:04pm on Oct 17. I skipped Game 3 ten days later. I watched Game 4 alone.

The Giants lost to the Athletics in the Battle Of The Bay 4-0.

2002. I was in the family room watching Game 5 of the NLCS. I lied down on the floor and jumped for joy saying, "The San Francisco Giants are going to the World Series" when David Bell scored from a Kenny Lofton single in the bottom of the ninth. The 2002 season started that winning statement.

The Giants lost to the Anaheim Angels 4-3. Why did Dusty Baker give starting pitcher Russ Ortiz the game ball as Ortiz went to the dugout? Another question, why did Baker use Felix Rodriguez?

2010. It was magical. The team was a bunch of guys, misfits, players from different teams last year, players released from their former teams that season, and rookies and veterans coming together to create instant team chemistry. The pep talk Edgar Renteria making everyone in the clubhouse cry was a great rally during the Chicago Cubs series. Rookie of the year Buster Posey led the way.

I listened to Games 1 and 2 of NLCS against the Philadelphia Phillies on the radio because I had to study for two mid-terms. When Cody Ross hit a home run, I ran from my desk to the television to watch the home run. The FOX broadcast had a 7 second delay. I said my winning statement, "The San Francisco Giants are going to the World Series" when Brian Wilson struck out Ryan Howard in Game 6. I twittered the statement a minute later.

I watched Games 1-3 and most of Game 5 of the World Series on television. I attended a Halloween party on Game 4. I drove to my ballroom dance class during the last inning of Game 5 hearing Brian Wilson struck out Nelson Cruz. I honked my horn several times and said, "Woooorld Seeeeries!!!"

The Giants defeated the Texas Rangers 4-1 for their first World Championship in San Francisco franchise history.

2012. I listened to Game 7 of the NLCS on the radio and watched the game on the television. It was like hearing the game live on radio and watching replay on television.

I was on my phone's Twitter account on the top of the ninth inning ready to tweet my winning statement. I said "The San Francisco Giants are going to the World Series" and then pressed sent on my Twitter immediately after Marco Scutaro caught Matt Holiday's pop up for the final out.

The 2012 World Series starts tomorrow. Go Giants!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

SOMT: Call Me On My Cell Or Text Me

Blogger’s Note: SOMT stands for Sign Of My Times, an occasional blog sharing my thoughts how time changes life from when I was young to today.

I rooted my smart phone and installed Google Android 4.0 also known as Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) earlier this week. The time learning how to root and learning how to install ICS was worth my time, and I'm an average PC user with average technology knowledge. I installed all of my apps and customized my settings.

I remember my years attending San Jose State University. The chances of a student owning a cell phone back in the early to mid 90s was small. There was a student's cell phone ringing that disrupted class. The college newspaper occasionally published an article or an editorial stating cell phones were a waste of money. I didn't want to own a cell phone because I didn't want to be disturbed. I didn't want to own a cell phone because I didn't want to carry something heavy. I didn't want to own a cell phone because . . . .

I asked for the student's phone number, which was always their home number, to organize study groups, to get together for a project, or to hang out on a Fri night. There was no email. The only way to communicate outside school was calling from my home phone to another person's home phone. Moreover, I remember my high school days talking to friends on landlines. Teenagers can use their cell phones and talk anywhere around the house for privacy and keeping the home line free today.

I say, "call me on my cell or text me". Another way to communicate and keep in touch is "I add you to my Facebook". Email is still effective. I can chat online. I have AIM and Google+. Someone can follow me on Twitter. I use LinkedIn for professional networking. I don't need your home number anymore. I have multiple ways to communicate with family, friends, and acquaintances in today's information age.

I believe everyone should have a cell phone. A cell phone is a good communication device to keep in touch with people and excellent for emergencies. Games and gadgets are secondary to me. My top uses are communication including talk, text, and email; GPS and maps; dictionary; social networking such as Facebook and Twitter; and seeing information such as Yelp and Wikipedia. I have a .pdf copy of my resume just in case I meet a hiring manager or supervisor looking for people.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Top Ten Favorite Board Games

I remember the commercial for the board game Life: "You can be a winner in the game of Life." I still own the Life board game. I lost all of the Share The Wealth cards, blue color male pieces, and pink color female pieces. I created small cards to replace the Share The Wealth cards. I created another set of cards to identify whether a player has a son or daughter. The board game was given to me as a Christmas gift in 1983.

Furthermore, my brother, cousin, and I played Life during our youthful summers. We had a ritual when of us collected at least one white $100,000 bill. I don't want to blog it because it was gross. This is an example of how board games brings people together. It was family bonding for the three of us.

My parents, my siblings, and I played Pictionary. It was the family board game when my siblings and I were children. We played late Saturday nights going past midnight. We learned a few new words. Pictionary is #7 in my top ten.

I'm an average player. I admit I get depress when I don't win, especially games I'm still a beginner. The top reasons I play board games are being with people, having the opportunity to socialize, having the opportunity to meet new people, and having to think with my brain. Winning is secondary honestly speaking. Losing games reminds me that I must learn from my mistakes just like in life.

Here are my top ten:

10. Fluxx. I want to play a game that requires very little thinking sometimes. The game has lots of randomness and luck such that anyone can win. I carry the card game almost everywhere I go. It's a good ice breaker to meet new people. The game takes minutes to learn.

9. Dominion. I continue to learn. I place last consistency since I started playing occasionally in summer 2008. I have been playing more often in the past three weeks. There must be basic strategies I need to learn. One reason I like the game is there are many ways to win. I know a couple of people who caught on the game quickly. The game is on my wish list.

8. Masters Gallery. One of the best card games I played. Some of my friends who consistently place in the top says there's a strategy and a gut feeling. I haven't mastered them yet.

7. Pictionary. A popular board game anywhere games are sold. It's a great family board game that I have family memories when I was a child.

6. Chess. The memories playing chess and four player chess in high school. I still have the chess pieces I purchased in high school and the chess boards my dad made. I own two chess sets to play four player chess.

5. Pandemic. This game requires team work. The world is infested with four viruses. The objective is to find cures. Team work and communication are key. I suggest buying the expansion set for a variety of scenarios. Another game I recommend for families with older children.

4. Beyond Balderdash. I realized one of my strengths communicating my funny side is writing. This party game is guaranteed to bring laughs nobody should care who wins.

3. The Settlers Of Catan. I saw this game one day shopping at Target. Target?!? I thought it was a game for the die-hard board gamers, not a game like Monopoly, Battleship, and UNO the general population was interested. I realized the game was also sold at Wal-Mart and Toys R Us. Learn negotiation, probability, and strategy playing Catan with easy to learn rules. There is more than one way to win.

2. Mahjong (Riichi). I play the Japanese version of Mahjong. The first time I played Mahjong in 2007 I hated it. I love it today. A social game that requires three or four people and requires thinking.

1. Puerto Rico. The board game that was consistently number one at Board Game Geek. I played it for the first time and I fell in love with it halfway through the game. Puerto Rico is the only game that has very little luck involved.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Best Way Of Learning

I believe my best way of learning should be used throughout many education institutions, academies, camps, schools, vocational training, on the job training, and instructional facilities. My best way of learning is repetition and trial and error. Someone teaches me step by step. I ask questions. The instructor answers them. I write notes. The instructor clarifies my misunderstandings. The lessons are completed. I study my notes and review my notes. I practice, practice, and practice. I think and comprehend the concepts and ideas. I continue practicing. I make mistakes. I learn from the mistakes. I continue studying and reviewing.

Repetition and trial and error are the two best ways to learn. They're not boring. They're effective. I was successful in school and college studying with those methods. I was also successful at my jobs. A senior worker trained me, watched me, and helped me write my notes. I followed my notes, made mistakes, and thought about the processes. Moreover, I thought of better ways to complete my assignments and responsibilities.

Sport camps, police academies, military training, and the arts use repetition and trial and error. The athletes, cadets, soldiers, dancers, singers, and artists practice, practice, and practice. They make mistakes and are corrected. They try something new. They make mistakes and are corrected. I took R.O.T.C. for three years in high school. Repetition and trial and error were the best ways to learn how to march, operate a rifle, and memorize leadership knowledge.

People Learn Their Way Of Thinking Themselves

I disagree with schools teaching students how to think. The last time I visited a high school was tutoring high school algebra in 1995. The textbooks were different in 1995 compared to when I went to high school in the late 1980s. These 1995 textbooks were written such that they wanted to teach the students to think and make high school learning fun. My textbooks were raw knowledge. My textbooks were written to show the students how to solve the problems step by step followed by many problems to practice, practice, and practice. Some of the problems were hard and tricky. That was part of learning. I learned by trial and error. I got the wrong answer. I thought how and why I got the answer wrong. I learned from my mistake. I was not bored with my classes. It was the teachers that made the classes boring. My learning methods helped me in math, science, and foreign language classes. English, geography, and social science were mostly memorization.

My high school didn't teach me how to think. I discovered myself my best ways to think. I believe students or individuals figure out their own way of thinking themselves. We think differently and at different speeds. Some are fast thinkers and some are slow thinkers. Some are logical thinkers. Some are practical thinkers. Some are abstract thinkers. Any school or college level institution can't teach a student how to think. They can help a student find his or her thinking methods. I believe the more knowledge, the more exposure to learning something new, the more new experiences, then the person develops, maintains, and strengthens his or her thinking and learning skills. Never stop learning. Never stop innovating.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Top Ten Favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies

I watched the 60 Minutes interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger on Sun Sep 30. The interview inspired me to share my favorite Schwarzenegger movies. I assure you End Of Days, The 6th Day, and Collateral Damage are not in my top ten. I consider those the triple bombs. However, many people add Batman & Robin, Jingle All The Way, and Eraser to the list of consecutive bombs from 1996 to 2002. Personally, I like Eraser. I was smart to rent End Of Days, The 6th Day, and Collateral Damage at my local video rental store.

I watched Batman & Robin in Las Vegas. I was experiencing a terrible vacation with my family the movie was a highlight such that I liked it. I kidded myself. I remembered selling customers to pre-order Batman & Robin working at Blockbuster Video. Almost nobody wanted to buy the movie, especially at full retail price. I think two customers pre-ordered during my shifts.

Enough with the bad movies. Here are my top ten:

10. Scavenger Hunt (1979). Schwarzenegger played a minor character named Lars. He interacted with Tony Randall's character. Scavenger Hunt is on my top ten because it was one of the first movies I watched when I was a child.

9. Total Recall (1990). One of four movies my family and I watched in theaters. My role playing group and I based an adventure from the movie. I read the short story that inspired the movie from Philip K. Dick. The movie is considered one of Schwarzenegger's best.

8. Kindergarten Cop (1990). Boys have a penis and girls have a vagina. The tough cop went soft when he became the substitute kindergarten teacher. I enjoyed the humor.

7. True Lies (1994). A mixture of action and comedy. I stayed at the hotel in Los Angeles where the horse chase took place. Another movie I watched with my family in the theater.

6. The Terminator (1984). Schwarzenegger had 17 lines in the movie. One of his lines had three words: I'll be back. The rest is history.

5. The Running Man (1987). I was a kid and I laughed out loud the cheesy jokes. My brother and I based GI JOE playtime episodes based on the movie. The movie is on my wish list.

4. Twins (1988). My favorite Schwarzenegger comedy. He rocked well with Danny DeVito. My family and I watched the movie at a bargain movie theater. I could have watched it full price.

3. Predator (1987). I watched the movie for the first time in my uncle's house. I stayed in my seat the entire movie. The first shoot out with Dutch's squad was awesome.

2. Commando (1985). I didn't care for the actress Alyssa Milano even though I was in junior high. It was the action scenes and the character John Matrix killing the evil men one by one and getting clues where his daughter's held. The final shootout scenes 100 vs. 1 were stupid; however, those scenes inspired more GI JOE playtime episodes.

1. Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1992). My dad, sister, and I watched the movie in the theater. I wanted the laser disc on the first day it came out. The special effects were fantastic. The action came at the perfect times in the movie. James Cameron did a wonderful job. I hated Edward Furlong who played John Connor.

Monday, October 08, 2012

I'm Doing The Best I Can, Really

Look at me today. I'm unemployed, I live at home with my parents, and I have few friends. Money has been tight. Fortunately, I'm doing a good job controlling my spending. I search and apply for jobs five days a week. My life is limited living at home and little funds to pay for my expenses. Life is not in pause, rather, it's in slow motion.

I have been learning new job skills and refreshing my job skills. I self-taught myself MySQL and Visio. I refreshed my Excel, PowerPoint, and Crystal Reports. I plan to learn SAS and Google Analytics soon if I don't find a job for the remainder of 2012. I earned an AA degree in Accounting last year. There is free time being unemployed some time must be devoted to learning job skills instead of watching TV in the afternoon. I was interviewed five times. My revised resume and cover letter are generating calls.

There is still a life for me. There are adventures to find, new experiences to experience, and people to meet. I'm dating a girl. I visited Hoover Tower, hiked in new trails, ate new foods, played new board games, and read books. I continue to stay in shape working out at the gym.

I make the best of my living conditions and situations. I still create memories and memorable moments. I still find positives for the day. Ironically, the past four years have been the best years of my. I see myself having better years coming soon. Today's experiences, knowledge, new people I meet, and lessons I learn are my strengths for tomorrow. With a little luck and timing in my favor, I'm one step closer to my better life. I'm doing the best I can, really.

Monday, October 01, 2012

My 30s Is Like Developing A Baseball Player

I blogged I missed my moment I must grow up in 2002 on Jul 1, 2012. (Link: I Could Have Been An Adult In 2002) The blog inspired me to write another blog on my life. This blog is life in my 30s as if I'm a baseball player drafted to a team and starting my career in the minors. The following summarizes my highlights and lowlights by year:

2004: A Ball

Life at 30 years old started on a high note. I wore my first costume at an anime convention in Sept. I went on a mini Las Vegas vacation in Dec. I marathon Rurouni Kenshin anime series on New Year's Eve. I sold my junk on eBay. And I started buzz cutting my hair. I established a foundation for my baseball career.

2005: AA Ball

I had one of my best years working at Colliers International. I attended four anime conventions that were good. It was the first year I started meeting new people and making new friends at Fanime Con, Anime Expo, and Japan Town Anime Faire. I purchased my first laptop. I created my first blog. I visited my friend in Washington including visiting Canada, my first time in a foreign country. In Nov, I visited Oregon for the first time. I was going with the flow that was going my way. It was a good year and I was promoted to AAA next year.

2006: AAA Ball

The momentum continued. There was no stopping my good life. I attended six anime conventions. My circle of friends expanded. I enrolled in a business class at De Anza. My dad and I attended a financial expo seeing Robert Kiyosaki and Tony Robbins. Colliers International paid for my Crystal Reports XI training. My brother and his wife purchased a house. My cousin opened his Japanese restaurant. New experiences and new adventures continued in the summer and fall.

2007: Made It To The Majors

The late '04-'06 years paid off. All of my knowledge, friends, and experiences accumulated to the best of my life. I was at the top. Life couldn't get any better. I made it to the majors. Nothing bad could happen. I started wearing braces in Jan. It was time for a new smile. I found a job at Cisco in Mar. I went to Vancouver in Canada on my second week at Cisco. I purchased my first car in May.

My life went downhill thereafter because I experienced frustrations, committed too many mistakes, and stressed out. I thought I was prepared for my new life in the majors. I was wrong. My summer was terrible. There were some bright spots as if I had multi-home runs days to bring optimism for the fans: attended my first Renaissance Faire, found a better commute route, learned how to play Liar's Dice, played Team Fortress 2, and watched The Nutcracker ballet. The optimism faded as I was sent back to the minors.

2008: Back To AAA

I started '08 on a positive note hoping '07 was a fluke. I wanted to get back to the majors I did anything for a good and happy life. I started by attending a small Japanese anime convention on Jan. The rest of the first half was boring. No excitement. The bright spot was Fanime Con in May. I didn't attend Anime Expo, the first time I didn't attend since '99. I didn't lose hope.

The second half started good. I purchased a new laptop. A major slump took over my life in late Aug and Sep. I experienced an identity crisis. I was lost. I realized I was a wimp. I did nothing for a good and happy life. I took life for granted. As a ballplayer, I took my career for granted. I didn't need extra batting practice. Life was so bad it was like I was going to be demoted to AA ball.

I must go through hell to get to heaven. On Sat Oct 4, '08, I realized I must grow up. It was time to get strong and stay strong. It was time I meant to innovate my life infinitely. No more talk. It was time for action. The changes were immediate: new clothes, new PC, read fiction books, new wrist watch, new gym workout plan, second blog, new mattress, the Washington-Canada '08 trip, Nor Cal Winter Cosplay gathering, and much more. Thanksgiving and Christmas with the family brought back the family traditional movies. The only bad moment was I lost my job. To be honest, losing my job was a blessing in disguise. It was time for a life time out.

I stopped taking life for granted. I took extra batting practice. I sought help and established my support. My life was going up for the first time since early '07 the majors called me up for the Sep call ups.

2009: I'm A Starter I'm Here To Stay In The Majors

New interests and experiences started on day 1: New Year's Day in San Francisco, ballroom dancing, classical jazz, hiking, Facebook, Yelp, shaving with a razor, Nor Cal Spring Cosplay gathering, and more fiction books. I started taking Accutane to treat my acne. I attended De Anza College taking a ballroom dance class and strength development class in the Spring Quarter.

Fanime Con '09 was and is my all-time favorite con today. Anime Expo '09, a last minute choice to attend, was also good. The summer continued with new interests and experiences including playing Beatles Rock Band, visiting the Charles M. Schulz museum, opening myself to new foods & drinks, playing new board games, watching lots of movies, listening to jazz at the San Jose & Monterey Jazz Festivals, and me time in San Francisco. My braces were removed.

I enrolled in accounting classes at De Anza in the Fall Quarter. I accepted a challenge to learn Mahjong in 10 days. If I found a job, then I earned the Comeback Player Of The Year award. Finding a job was hard because of the real estate bubble.

2010: Another Good Year

I continued taking accounting classes at De Anza. Fanime Con and Anime Expo were great. I started my Vocaloid CD collection. I hiked at Point Lobos and Pinnacles National Monument for the first time. I ate at many new restaurants. I played many new board games. I saw Paul McCartney at AT&T Park. I started to watch classic movies including Midnight Cowboy, The French Connection, and One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. I installed Windows 7 in my PC. I took an ice skating class. The San Francisco Giants won the World Series. I continued to make new friends. And Alien Cat and I went on our first two dates in Dec. I was confident in my ball playing performance my manager included me in the starting lineup.

2011: Establishing Myself

I established myself here in the majors earning respect among my teammates and the opposition. I continued to get stronger, get better, get smarter, and innovate my life. Alien Cat and I dated visiting new places and experiencing new experiences. Some of the activities included visiting the Gilroy Garlic Festival, walking around arts & crafts fairs, watching a movie outdoors, walking the Golden Gate Bridge, playing board games, visiting Berkeley, hiking at new trails, and shopping at Union Square in San Francisco and the Outlet Mall in Gilroy.

I graduated De Anza in Mar; however, my last class was in Jun. I purchased my first smart phone in Jul. I watched my first live hockey game. I found new adventures and experienced new experiences the entire year. It was another good year with better baseball statistics than last year.

2012: Soon To Be An All Star

My job search never ends. I rewrote my cover letter and completed minor resume updates. I received calls; unfortunately, no leads. I was interviewed four times. I'm ready to take training classes in skills required for some analyst positions. I learned My SQL and Visio 2007. I reviewed Crystal Reports, Access 2007, and PowerPoint 2007.

Outside the job search, Fanime Con was the only anime convention I attended this year It was much better than '11. I watched The Avengers, Traffic for the second time, Rango, Iron Man, The Hurt Locker, The Dark Knight Rises, and Bambi movies. I read The Hunger Games trilogy. I finished my first smart phone game app Quell. I tweeted #1,000. My girlfriend and I went on an urban hike in San Francisco, watched the fireworks on New Year's Day in San Francisco, shopped at many of our favorite stores, played board games, visited Hoover Tower in Stanford University, and attended Cinequest for the first time.

I always meet new people, earn support, and gain knowledge. I always get up and do something, anything. I always find new adventures and experience new experiences. I'm an example life in the 30s can be better than the 20s; however, I missed so much I should have done in my 20s I'm catching up. I'm finding who I am every day. I'm going to be an all-star.