Saturday, October 13, 2012

Top Ten Favorite Board Games

I remember the commercial for the board game Life: "You can be a winner in the game of Life." I still own the Life board game. I lost all of the Share The Wealth cards, blue color male pieces, and pink color female pieces. I created small cards to replace the Share The Wealth cards. I created another set of cards to identify whether a player has a son or daughter. The board game was given to me as a Christmas gift in 1983.

Furthermore, my brother, cousin, and I played Life during our youthful summers. We had a ritual when of us collected at least one white $100,000 bill. I don't want to blog it because it was gross. This is an example of how board games brings people together. It was family bonding for the three of us.

My parents, my siblings, and I played Pictionary. It was the family board game when my siblings and I were children. We played late Saturday nights going past midnight. We learned a few new words. Pictionary is #7 in my top ten.

I'm an average player. I admit I get depress when I don't win, especially games I'm still a beginner. The top reasons I play board games are being with people, having the opportunity to socialize, having the opportunity to meet new people, and having to think with my brain. Winning is secondary honestly speaking. Losing games reminds me that I must learn from my mistakes just like in life.

Here are my top ten:

10. Fluxx. I want to play a game that requires very little thinking sometimes. The game has lots of randomness and luck such that anyone can win. I carry the card game almost everywhere I go. It's a good ice breaker to meet new people. The game takes minutes to learn.

9. Dominion. I continue to learn. I place last consistency since I started playing occasionally in summer 2008. I have been playing more often in the past three weeks. There must be basic strategies I need to learn. One reason I like the game is there are many ways to win. I know a couple of people who caught on the game quickly. The game is on my wish list.

8. Masters Gallery. One of the best card games I played. Some of my friends who consistently place in the top says there's a strategy and a gut feeling. I haven't mastered them yet.

7. Pictionary. A popular board game anywhere games are sold. It's a great family board game that I have family memories when I was a child.

6. Chess. The memories playing chess and four player chess in high school. I still have the chess pieces I purchased in high school and the chess boards my dad made. I own two chess sets to play four player chess.

5. Pandemic. This game requires team work. The world is infested with four viruses. The objective is to find cures. Team work and communication are key. I suggest buying the expansion set for a variety of scenarios. Another game I recommend for families with older children.

4. Beyond Balderdash. I realized one of my strengths communicating my funny side is writing. This party game is guaranteed to bring laughs nobody should care who wins.

3. The Settlers Of Catan. I saw this game one day shopping at Target. Target?!? I thought it was a game for the die-hard board gamers, not a game like Monopoly, Battleship, and UNO the general population was interested. I realized the game was also sold at Wal-Mart and Toys R Us. Learn negotiation, probability, and strategy playing Catan with easy to learn rules. There is more than one way to win.

2. Mahjong (Riichi). I play the Japanese version of Mahjong. The first time I played Mahjong in 2007 I hated it. I love it today. A social game that requires three or four people and requires thinking.

1. Puerto Rico. The board game that was consistently number one at Board Game Geek. I played it for the first time and I fell in love with it halfway through the game. Puerto Rico is the only game that has very little luck involved.

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