Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007 Year In Review

Hello, everyone. Was 2007 a fast year? 2007 is the fastest year ever for me. It's like I visited Las Vegas last week. (I visited Las Vegas in December 11-13, 2006.) I keep the year in review short because I don't want to jinx 2008 *__*

2007 is another good year. It's the first time I have three good years in a row. The 2007 highlights include my new job at Cisco, my first car, and my dermatitis is gone after I switched hand lotions. The 2007 lowlights include the month of July, attending fewer anime cons, and creating only one video blog. My job at Cisco has been ups and downs. The ups are meeting new people, learning new skills, and gaining experience working a multi-billion dollar company. The downs are inconsistent workloads such that sometimes I'm really busy and sometimes I'm bored, projects completed after due dates, and miscommunication.

The 2007 theme is The Year I Prepare For The Big Break. Arguably, working at Cisco is the Big Break. To me, Cisco is a parallel career move. Most of my responsibilities at Cisco are the same at Colliers. My 2008 theme is The Year I Prepare For The Big Break Part II. The Big Break is coming. I don't know when, I don't what, and I don't know where. I must prepare. And for 2008 I need to keep my laughing in check. It's OK to be enthusiastic. It's not OK to be too enthusiastic because I look terrible being too enthusiastic.

Thank you for reading my Blogs (and there are a few of you, LOL).

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