Thursday, July 26, 2007

Burned Out Summer

Since Anime Expo 2007, my daily life has been boring, tiring, no jazz, no spice of life. My routine life has been routine without the “life is good” feeling. I have done lots of little activities to bring variety including cooking different foods (the menu at home is limited), shopping (it was a long time ago since I went shopping), barbecuing on Saturday July 21, uploading more music on my mp3 player, and leaving work early because of my dentist and orthodontist appointments and work at home afterwards. No change in my attitude and feelings. *sigh*

My current personal projects are uploading Anime Expo cosplay pics and reading The Eye Of The Storm by Robert Slater. I hope to finish the book to complete one of my 2006-2007 goals reading three books. I know when I finish the upload and the book, I feel better and I begin to upload other areas on my webpage and . . . gee, something . . . else. My mind is a blank ~__~

I was pissed earlier today I woke up early and read more pages of The Eye Of The Storm I realized my bookmarker was on the wrong page. I wasted last night re-reading a chapter I already read. I wondered why when I read the same chapter I already knew the content. And yesterday and today, I knocked out and went to bed much too early. I was really tired. Another indication my current life is boredom? When life is good, sleep is secondary in the person’s life.

Unfortunately, my 2007 Summer Sabbatical is below expectations. I want to feel better about myself, be full of energy to begin September. I feel burned out in July. I have August remaining and I make it the best summer month.

Perhaps, I’m making a too big deal about my current bored life. All I need is new activities and, bam, boredom feeling disappears. Man, my mind is burned out. Everyone in the world, slow down, please.

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