Friday, July 27, 2007

I Made The Fewest Mistakes And Succeeded

A perfect score is scoring 100%, an A+ in school. No errors. All correct answers. A few students earn the straight A, 4.0+ grade point average award in a graduating high school class. Congrats. Only in school a student can achieve a perfect score. In reality, nobody is perfect. Anyone who graduates high school or college who always score 100% in everything, wake up and face realty. Academic life and real life are different.

The Allies won World War II because they made the fewest mistakes. For example, the U.S. attacked non-existent artillery bases, paratrooper drops were off their targets, and U.S. bombing raids attacked friendly targets. Bad intelligence and strategic and tactical errors cost thousands of Allies lives. Regardless, the Allies pressed forward to victory over the Axis. You see some of the mistakes the U.S. committed watching the movie “Saving Private Ryan.”

In baseball, a great baseball hitter needs to hit 3 out of ever 10 at bats, a 30% success percentage or .300. These baseball players fly out, ground out, foul out, and strike out the remaining 7 out of 10 times. The last player to bat over 40% or .400 in a season was Ted Williams in 1940 with a .406 average.

How can one be successful? Commit the fewest mistakes. The baseball team that won the World Series the team committed the fewest mistakes. The side with the fewest mistakes was victories in wars. The winning company committed the fewest mistakes to win the client’s business in a presentation.

Also, learn from the mistakes. Be brave to make mistakes and fail because mistakes and failure are one of the best ways to learn while doing whatever you doing . . . create action and do something. Please don’t make too many and careless mistakes because those can be avoided ;-)

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Anonymous said...

It's the same in stock investing. Make the fewest mistakes and you can beat the average.