Sunday, July 29, 2007

When The Worst Comes, I Prepare For The Next Best

What’s next for the economy in its continued uncertainty? Continue growth slowly, inflation, recession, or the worst stagflation? Is the real estate market going to crash? Only time tell what happens.

Whatever worse happens and I lose my job, instead of being angry at Cisco and being depressed I failed to meet Cisco’s expectations, I prepare for the next best. How about I learn Chinese? In my department, there are people who are fluent in two languages. I’m Chinese and I can’t speak and read Chinese. I’m both sad and ashamed. Nobody in my department makes a big deal.

Furthermore, I have lots of free time jobless. I learn Chinese rather than play video games all day long, LOL. I can learn Chinese now. Unfortunately, my short-term career goals are learning my job at Cisco and learning Crystal Reports. Maybe I learn Chinese later. The thought learning Chinese remains in the back of my head.

My suggestion to anyone who lost their job and are having a difficult time finding a new job, learn a new skill. For me, learning Chinese help me more than finding a new job, it’s a second language and a skill used anytime.

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