Friday, April 24, 2009

Please Tell Me What You’re Feeling

How many times do you ask yourself or ask someone else, “Please tell me what you’re feeling.”? I bet the question is asked 95% of the time you or someone feels sad, old, tired, stressed, lonely, lost, bored, depressed, hurt, loss of confidence, and/or disappointed. Why do we ask ourselves or someone else the question when we experience any of the negative feelings? Can we ask ourselves or someone else the question when we experience positive feelings such as happy, young, energetic, loose, focused, active, joyful, confidence, and/or successful? The reason we ask the question when we experience negative feelings is to demonstrate and to show empathy action which is good. We ask the question to let out the negative feelings instead of keeping them inside which is unhealthy. And the question seeks to know the exact negative state because there are many and what can be done to solve the negative state.

On the other hand, almost all of us never ask the question when another person is in a positive state. Why is the question asked rarely? Honestly, I have no answer. Can it be a happy person is a happy person . . . happy is happy, happy, joy, joy. There are different ways to be happy, yet most of us never ask the question to know the exact happiness. Or maybe we see a happy person and we become jealous we avoid asking the question.

I admit I don’t ask someone else what they’re feeling when they’re happy. I try to remember the question the next time I see my friends and acquaintances in a happy state of mood. The question promotes happiness and recognizes my friends and acquaintances in their moment of happiness state. What kind of happiness are you now? It’s a good idea to ask what kind of happiness oneself is in when in a state of happiness, too.

Correction: In the blog Your Underwear Matters, I purchased boxers from The Gap, not Old Navy.

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