Saturday, November 04, 2017

I Blog, You Comment Nov 4, 2017

A message to everyone feeling tired. Get extra sleep immediately. The best comments are below.

My parent's former neighbors The Shermans past away. The husband past away in Apr 2017. The wife past away in Jul 2017. The husband reminded me never stop learning in a person's senior years. Never Stop Learning Lesson Emphasized Because One Of The Shermans Past Away blog reminds everyone use your brain every day.

My parents continued learning in their retirement years. On the other hand my in-laws stopped learning. I can tell who are sharp and who aren't sharp as time continued. -- Heather Sparks, Lynn, MA

My children called out on me losing my memory. Forgot my keys. Forgot the time to pick up my grandchildren from school. Then I started spending more time reading books, taking walks. I started watching less television. I could think again. -- Eugene West, Greenfield, IN

I questioned What Is Believe. Anything we do must be done. Common examples include earning a degree, winning a contract, and becoming a champion. Do we really need to believe we succeed?

I emphasize believe everyday coaching my high school women sports. They must believe in themselves. Some of my players have no parents. I must tell them to believe so they can believe in themselves. --Joyce French, Buffalo, NY

You know I think back to raising my kids. I believe I never mentioned believe when I taught them life lessons. --Connie Bates, Jacksonville Beach, FL

Anyone that tells someone to believe in yourself doesn't know how to teach. --Melissa via email

Believe is important. People who believe in themselves have confidence. --Andrea Alvarez, Mexico

A couple comments expressed fear their small cities are losing the small city feeling. I experienced a small city feeling in A Praise For Small Cities

I blame the tech companies for small cities becoming big cities. My city used to have lots of open fields. Now these open fields are commercial buildings and high-density housing. The city is crowded. I never wanted to live in a crowded city. More people in public areas. --Devin Kim, Pleasanton, CA

I'm in my 70s. I have to concentrate harder on the road because there [are] more cars. Also, I'm sad these ma and pa stores I used to shop are closing not because of the big box stores. It's because of the internet. --Eva Floyd, WA


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