Saturday, December 02, 2017

The World Is Too Many And Too Few

I question some common wisdom today pessimistically speaking. Never give up. Achieve your dreams. Nothing is impossible. Continue moving forward. Accept failure because you learn from failure; the end is success. There are opportunities to find. Work hard to achieve your goals. You can do anything by putting your mind to it. Be patient. There is hope. Believe in yourself. Keep the dream alive. The harder you work, the luckier you get. You are going to be successful staying focus.

Good advice from the common wisdom above. What if I say all the common wisdom above are losing strength today? Am I pessimistic? Yes. Am I being ridiculous? Maybe. Does my opinion have merit? Yes. Explain. There are too many people in the world. There are too few opportunities. Competition is fierce. Fierce may be an understatement. Competition is barbaric. Barbaric may be an overstatement today. Barbaric may be the truth tomorrow. There are too few chances for people working to be successful. There are too few breaks in life.

We can work hard intelligently to be the best people. Unfortunately, timing and luck are nothing with little opportunities. The rewards pay nothing with too many people competing for too few openings. There are too few winners for many deserving people. There are too many losers for many good people. Life is unfair. It's reality. How can Mother Earth sustain geometric population growth historically speaking decades later? Are humans going to be barbaric to survive?

Side note: I wrote a similar blog titled The Size Of The Pie Is Still The Same. I wrote too many people are greedy. There's not enough pie for everyone. The not enough pie applies to greedy people or not greedy people referencing my blog above.


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