Thursday, August 16, 2018

More Losses Less Wins And More Setbacks Less Accomplishments

One common life wisdom is add up the little things results in big things. The life wisdom goes both ways. Add up the good little things results in good big things. Add up the bad little things results in bad big things. My bad little things or more losses outnumber my good little things or more wins began either May 2015 when I became unemployed or Jan 2016 the start of a bad year from Jan 1 to Dec 31. I choose Jan 2016 because 2015 was a good year despite being unemployed the majority of 2015.

More bad little things, more losses, and more setbacks accumulate frustrations, pessimism, and cynicism. My life is hard when everything I do is a step backwards. It's like my life is Charlie Brown from Peanuts. I fail to see my life is two steps forward and one step backwards. I have little control of my life. There is bad luck. There is bad timing. A few little bad things are nothing. They're forgotten quickly. Many little things add up to frustrations: too many red signal lights, missed *insert anything* by one *insert any quantitative measurement*, cancellations, delays, unnecessary activities, and misinformation. In particular, I got sick two times from other people, a mouth sickness because I became allergic to my toothpaste, and family setbacks in 2018. Sometimes laughter is the best medicine.

Time is running out. I have experienced too many "are you kidding me" reactions. I have experienced being second. I have experienced too many runner-ups. I have experienced being the alternate. Money is secondary. I need chances. I need opportunities. I have been preparing for freedom. Life doesn't give me rewards.

Life is not fair. There are winners and losers. I rarely think my life I belong with the losers. I might as well stop living life if I'm 100% certain I'm a loser. Today's blog I'm one of the winners.

Finally, I'm not alone. There are people who live a similar situation like me. There are losers working hard to become winners. We are not alone. We hope for the best for each other.


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