Saturday, November 22, 2014

Top Ten Thank Yous

Thanksgiving is five days away. It's a good time to say thank you to ten individuals or groups of people who impacted my life. Their contributions influence me to make good choices. I'm a smarter person because they shared their knowledge. Thank you. Here are the top ten thank yous:

10. Mia Breen Accounting Information Systems class. Miss Breen taught the periodic inventory system. Nobody uses the periodic inventory system. My core accounting instructors concentrated on the perpetual inventory system. The lessons I learned from Miss Breen helped me earned a B in the Accounting For Excel midterm. Almost all of the students failed the midterm because the midterm focused on the periodic inventory system.

9. Neighbor Bob sold me his Toyota Camry 2005. Bob and his wife moved to Virginia to be closer to their family. He sold me his wife's Toyota Camry 2005. I still drive the car today. I experienced many adventures. There are more adventures coming soon.

8. Punkbuster suggested website. She gave me a resource to learn how to workout with weights. I read their articles to improve my gym workouts.

7. Carrie's scheduled me weekend shifts at the wine store. Nobody wants to work weekends especially in retail. However, I took advantage of my weekday off shifts searching for a job. The hard work paid off. I have a new job in the tech sector.

6. Vgan hired me twice. He hired me for my first job after graduating at San Jose State University. He hired me for my second job after my first job. The jobs were big breaks starting my careers.

5. South Bay Job Search Network. The best job searching tips are from the people who experienced searching for a job. The people I met. The resources I acquired. The knowledge I learned. All valuable. I believe joining the network helped me get my jobs after graduating from De Anza College.

4. My sister introduced me to ballroom dancing. An experience I remember for the rest of my life. I took ballroom dancing classes at De Anza. I met lots of new people and made friends. A good hobby in my life.

3. Kimu wearing costumes at anime conventions. There were many times at anime conventions I could have been lonely. Kimu and I became friends in 2007. She introduced me to her group of friends. My experience wearing costumes was raised a higher level of fun times because of her.

2. My mom made my costumes. Someone made my costumes. One of my mom's hobbies is sewing. She made seven costumes for the anime conventions I attend. Wearing costumes to anime conventions extended my anime hobby for nine years.

1. Appu's personal projects. He showed me how to never stop learning. He showed me how to market the skills I learned on my resume. The successful people have indefinite personal projects to learn, to grow, to get stronger, and to get smarter. The experience learning job skills outside the workplace paid off three weeks ago when I started a new job in a growing tech company.


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