Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Seeing Ordinary People Living Their Lives

I shopped for a desk fan and two indoor plants after work today. I blog my new job bringing back my work blogs soon. In the meantime, I want to share an observation when I shopped.

I saw ordinary people living ordinary lives. They don't need lots of money. They don't need lots of fame. They live another day being grateful for what they have. Most of them don't take their good fortunate lives for granted. The other people must discover to stop taking their lives for granted.

I saw the workers at the stores I shopped taking it easy. There were few customers. They were being their best staying busy. Some of them conversed with each other. Good. They didn't want to be bored; moreover, most were eager to engage in customers. I believe many counted their blessings they have a job. Everything is going to be okay.

Finally, I saw lots of cars on the road driving home in the later commuter hours. The work day was over. Rest, relax, and recover for another workday tomorrow. Some of these commuters work in mediocre jobs. I believe most of us commuters are grateful for our jobs like the retail workers above. They counted their blessings. Everything is going to be okay.

We're ordinary people. Take a deep breath everyone. We don't need lots of money. We don't need fame to be happy. We live our lives to the best with honesty, strength, and dignity.

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