Monday, April 02, 2018

I Need More Stories

One gauge to determine how good a person's life is stories. Does a person share many stories? It's likely he or she lived a good life. Does a person share few stories? It's likely he or she lived a boring life. Some stories are bad; however, some bad stories have good endings. Lessons are learned. Wisdom acquired. Strength gained. There are tips to improve the quality of stories at the end of today's blog.

I already have stories such as the first time I was an inpatient in a hospital, improving my Mahjong skills, cosplaying, backpacking, late bloomer growing up, ballroom dancing, self-teaching new job skills, local sports teams winning championships, and attended a Paul McCartney concert. I share stories getting married and becoming independent soon. I need stories visiting a European country, visiting Hawaii, playing new board games, making new friends, and improving my cooking skills.

Tell a Story

The scenario is I'm interviewing for a job. One of the interviewers asked me to tell a story. I was inspired from the movie "La La Land" when Emma Stone's character was asked to share a story in a movie casting.

"Okay, it's a risky story. Risky is an incorrect adjective. I can't think of another adjective. Interpret the story on your own terms.

"I want to share a story finding my wife. I'm looking for a woman who is still new in life. She is still fresh. She's behind in life. I'm behind in life. I want her and I to catch up what we missed. I haven't visited a foreign country. Canada doesn't count. There are places I haven't visit in San Francisco, and my home city San Jose. My bucket list includes a Chow Mein pot luck, hosting board game nights, hiking in Hawaii, and an all-time favorite movie night binge. There is a blackout night we pretend there's no electricity we entertain ourselves with candles and flashlights.

"The best example I'm catching up is I drank an alcoholic beverage for the first time when I worked at a retail start-up. Another best example is I both camped and backpacked for the first time when I visited Zion National Park."

Tips To Tell A Good Story

Carmine Gallo wrote the book "The Storyteller's Secret: From TED Speakers to Business Legends, Why Some Ideas Catch On and Other's Don't" shared some rules from The Costco Connection magazine July 2017. Here they are:

*Don't tell a boring story.
*Do tell a story with a clearly defined villain.
*Don't pretend you never had to struggle.
*Do embrace your past and the experiences that define you.
*Don't end the story in the middle.
*Do provide a happy ending.

Side note 1: Alex Haley said the best way to being a speech is, "Let me tell you a story."

Side note 2: A little knowledge is better than a lot of ignorance.


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