Wednesday, April 11, 2018

No Help For Those Behind

I went to a Bank Of America in another part of my city earlier today. The visit inspires me to write today's blog. Winners receive good things. Losers receive bad things. Or the good performers receive benefits. The good performers take care of themselves. The bad performers get little help. The bad performers are behind needing lots of help. Interpret them anyway you want.

It was decades ago I went to the Bank Of America mentioned above. I ran errands outside my neighborhood. I knew there was a Bank Of America nearby. I entered the bank for which I required teller service. The inside of the bank looked like 1980s. There were Plexiglas security barriers between the tellers and customers. The card machines didn't accept card chip technology. I couldn't determine if their security cameras recorded in HD. I guessed the ATM machines were not updated with the latest features such as security screen and horizontal mirror.

I felt I went to an inferior Bank Of America branch. It was like I visited a loser branch. The line was long because of tellers understaffed. The latest and greatest features are found in the best performing Bank Of America; for example, their card readers accept card chip. Where's the help for these worse performing Bank Of America branches needing upgrades to attract more customers? I must feel grateful my nearby Bank Of America branches include the latest and greatest features. I see many customers. Winners attract customers. Losers repel customers. Winners can get help when needed. Losers can get help if needed. A common saying "life is unfair" applies to business.


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