Sunday, April 08, 2018

I Owe The World

The world doesn't recognize who I am. Life owes me nothing. I'm invisible. Nobody knows me. I'm in debt to life. I'm in debt to the world. I must earn respect. I must earn recognition. I must earn freedom. Strength, courage, knowledge, grit, intelligence, and wisdom are developing respect, recognition, and freedom. I'm working hard intelligently to be happy.

I have a personal responsibility. I take care of myself. I achieve my happiness with some support. The breakdown is below:

1. Freedom. My freedom is a work in progress. I see freedom living on my own. I see freedom being a mature adult. I work full time being free. I find a long-term relationship with a woman soon.

2. Goodbye. I'm retired watching anime and playing video games which were two long-time hobbies. I say goodbye to some friends. It's time to move on. Perhaps we see each other again.

3. Stay Healthy. I minimize eating processed foods. I workout at the gym four or five days a week. I sleep eight hours a night. I eat three meals a day.

4. Never Stop Learning. I also include reviewing the basics such as databases and Excel. I have been learning Python, CSS, JavaScript, Tableau, Oracle, and more. I realize I have a gift on databases and analysis. I never had training. I learned on the job. My intuition assisted me. I self-teach myself a database foundation. Thank you YouTube videos.

5. New Adventures And New Experiences. I seek new adventures and experience new experiences 24/7. My life is never settled. Life is work, leisure, rest, and self-fulfillment.

One person may ask today's blog is another self-pity blog. My answer is no. Today's blog is for humankind. I owe the world for saving my butt. I was weak. I was naive. I took life for granted. I owe the people who helped me in the past. Much appreciated, people. Thank you, world. Thank you, life. It's time to pay back. I trust one day both the world and life reward me for my hard work. I earn everything working intelligently.


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