Friday, April 27, 2018

Unemployed Borrowed Time

The common definition of borrowed time is living beyond a point of time he or she should have died. I define a different kind of borrowed time which is long-term unemployed. I speak on behalf of some long-term unemployed living on borrowed time. Personal savings are low. More hiring managers ignore a resume with a growing time gap. Job skills are forgotten--use it or lose it. Professional social skills and business communication skills are getting rusty. New job knowledge is not acquired on the job. Personal morale is weakening. We feel more pessimism. Bad luck. Unfavorable timing. No opportunities.

Life is unfair. Someone wins. Someone loses. Many unemployed live their best earning no income. Every dollar saved counts. There are weekday job searches hoping for an interview. Some unemployed review their existing job skills and/or learns new job skills. We feel depress in June because more college students graduate adding more supply of job candidates. Also, we feel depress when another person got the job instead of us. Age discrimination exists. Some employed treat the unemployed as losers believing we can't find a job in today's low unemployed job market. We don't blame the employed for their misinformation. The employed don't know. The job market is tough. We unemployed know the truth. Layoffs, company mergers, and company reorganization continues. Those employed become unemployed eventually know the truth.

There are bills to pay. We sleep. We eat meals. We find time for leisure. We socialize. We have family obligations. We have personal responsibilities. The world moves forward while we slow down falling behind. The day we accept defeat like a football team losing 48-0 in the fourth quarter arrives soon. Life collects all the unemployed borrowed time. We are the losers.


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