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De Anza Week Oct 4, 2010

Mon Oct 4

Intermediate Acct was cancelled today. The professor attended a conference in UCLA. I took the time to catch up on personal errands. I received a call from my family dentist telling me I have a dentist appointment tomorrow at 10am. Obviously I can’t make it because I have Excel class. I made the mistake misreading the appointment card. I thought it was Oct 15, not Oct 5. Fortunately, there was an opening later in the day. I took advantage and visited the dentist. No cavities. I went to Costco afterwards to buy groceries.

I arrived home running late for my dance class. I ate a small snack before leaving to dance. The dance class was calmer. I think I was the biggest factor as I, too, calmed down. We continued learning the Rumba adding more moves to the chorography. It was fun tonight. The instructor made successful changes from past classes how she teaches the class including free for all switching partners because there are a few who don’t want to switch partners. Those who don’t switch partners are dancing poorly or have no interest. Overall, everyone seems to learn at a faster rate compared to past classes.

Tue Oct 5

I parked at the Stelling parking garage for the first time this quarter. Yay! There were a few spots available just before 9:30am on the second floor. It must be fall quarter since new incoming freshmen from high school begins their college. I park at the open spot when I see it instead of finding a space closer to the exits.

The Excel class we talked about the second homework assignment. I made errors on the first homework assignment. I took the entire class time to fix the errors. After class, I went to the computer lab to work on the second homework assignment. The assignment was bank reconciliation. I was rusty at financial accounting I needed to finish at home. I struggled. I saw one student bring a financial accounting textbook. Great idea. I bring my textbook on Thur.

Today was the last day I bring my laptop. My routine started to settle in. I complete my Excel homework at the computer lab after Excel. I have two hours between Excel and Integrated Acct. Every Tues and Thur I bring my Excel, Integrated Acct, and financial acct textbook.

We were almost finished with reviewing financial acct in Integrated Acct. We were assigned the first class project. The project is doing journal entries, posting to ledgers, and completing trial balances the old fashion way using a pencil.

Wed Oct 6

I continued to settle my routine. In Integrated Acct, we reviewed the take home Chap 2 quiz. The professor continued to lecture off topic. Sometimes it’s interesting and sometimes it’s not interesting. I multi-task listening to the professor lecture and read the textbook. It’s the only way to be productive. I looked at my notes. There was little worth taking my time to study for the first mid-term.

I’m thinking Intermediate Acct parallels my Macroeconomic and Microeconomic analysis classes at San Jose State. The analysis classes were not challenging. Most of the material was the same from Macroeconomic and Microeconomic classes. The difference was the analysis classes expanded the concepts. The three weeks in Intermediate Acct, it 90% review from Financial Acct. Regardless, I don’t take Intermediate Acct for granted thinking it’s a walk in the park. Students told me Intermediate Acct is hard. My attitude taking the class is hard.

I shopped at Kohl’s after class. Today was the last day to use my 30% coupon. I needed new clothes. I had to shop at two Kohl’s. I purchased a new white dress shirt and a pair of pajamas. I wait for the next sale to buy more clothes. Lesson learned, never shop at the last day of a 30% coupon sale. It was the first time I shopped on the last day and purchased some of what I needed instead of everything I needed.

Unfortunately, I was hungry during my shopping. In the future, I must eat something after class when I don’t go home immediately after class. Snacks are okay.

I arrived home with a good amount of time to cook dinner. Time flew fast. I had 30 minutes to eat dinner after cooking. I arrived 15 minutes late to dance class. We finished learning the Cha Cha Cha for the dance demonstration. I was surprised. The Cha Cha Cha chorography routine was simple—maybe for me because I danced the Cha Cha Cha the most. Almost everyone in class got the routine. We need more practice and more refining.

I told some of the students I know personally I’m going to stop attending Wed very soon because the homework is piling up. I try to attend next Wed’s class.

Thur Oct 7

Fatigue was in me last night and the morning. I rushed my breakfast and rushed out of the house. I parked at the Flint Center parking garage because it’s closer to my Excel class and closer to the library to check out a DVD for my weekend movie. I didn’t bring my laptop.

Excel class was boring. Almost everyone was tired in class. A few students started working on the next homework assignment. I went to the computer lab after class to work on the next homework assignment. I brought my financial acct textbook that helped. I finished the homework assignment; although, I’m not confident I get a perfect score because one question I failed to understand completely.

I made an error regarding my Excel instructor is from Boston. She’s actually from New York. I have problems listening to a Boston accent and a New York accent. I might have failed to mention my Excel instructor was my Peachtree instructor. I took Peachtree in Winter ’10.

The instructor assigned the first homework assignment in Integrated Acct. I complete the homework and start on the project this weekend. I make a photocopy of the project and the textbook questions at Kinko’s tomorrow. The instructor wants our questions hand written from the textbook.

I checked out The French Connection starring Gene Hackman at the library.

The Personal Side Of Me Finding Raymond Mar

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