Sunday, March 31, 2019

You're On Your Own

Here is another self-responsibility blog. We live in the information age. Many live complex lives. In particular, more jobs require more skills to learn, more resources to complete responsibilities, more people to brainstorm, and more money for departments to function. Growth is complex. The jobs apply to both white collar and blue collar.

Times have changed. Companies providing training to existing employees and to new employees are expensive. Training costs are rising. Also, providing training requires time. Training times are rising. More companies don't provide training to new hires. More companies want new employees to start immediately like plugging new hardware in a USB. How can a job candidate get relevant experience when he or she can't get a job to get relevant experience? A jerk who knows five programming languages is more likely to find a job than a college graduate with a motivating attitude to learn programming. The Catch-22 job hiring system has existed for decades. Blame the system.

There are fewer jobs today workers go to work, work, go home, relax and sleep every work day. More workers must find time outside work to review existing skills. More workers must find time outside work to learn new skills. More workers must find time outside work to self-train. More workers are on their own. You're on your own. Companies don't provide training such as VLOOKUP() in Excel, operating a PC or Mac, reading an engineering schematic, calculating profit and loss, Photoshop, etc. I remember taking a programming language class when I attended San Jose State. Many students knew programming before they started taking their undergraduate computer classes.

The bottom line is never stop learning. Innovate infinitely.


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