Sunday, March 24, 2019

Crooked College Counselor Rick Singer Brainstorming Points With Merit

Rick Singer was arrested on college admission fraud on Tue Mar 12, 2019. Parents paid Singer to a bogus charitable foundation. Singer arranged false test scores to boost their son or daughter's test scores either bribing test proctors or correcting answers on the test. Singer also arranged false athletic scholarships for their son or daughter even though he or she never played in the scholarship sport.

I share my thoughts regarding the fraud. They're simple. They're complicated. They're easy to comprehend. The college admission process is complex. More work is required to apply to colleges and scholarships. There are many opinions. The facts are unraveled during the justice process.

Overcrowded World. There are too many people. The worldwide population continues to increase. There are more families. There are more children. There are more high school students. There are more college students.

Supply and Demand. The number of colleges are the same. I believe there are no new colleges. If there are new colleges opening, then the number of new students outpaces the number of new colleges. In other words, the number of colleges or supply is too low to accommodate the number of new students or demand. There is a finite number of new freshmen openings for the increasing number of high school students applying to college.

Competition. The requirements for college are harder compared to past generations. There are too many high school students who want to go to college. Raise the bar. Raise the requirements. Raise the criteria. "A rising tide raises all boats" is a common life wisdom.

Parents Are Too Busy. Some parents can't afford to pay for college. More work hours. Less parental nurturing. Parents are too busy while the dad, mom, or both are earning money. Moreover, today's workplace is complex. Today's workplace requires more costs, more time, and more resources to complete assignments. Today's workplace is another conversation. Parents earning high incomes can pay people to assist their children to enroll in prestigious college. For example, tutors, college advisors, and opportunities to beef up their college application.

Furthermore, parents are stressed. There is a family parental peer-pressure. It can be embarrassing another family's son or daughter attends a better college. Likewise for student peer-pressure. Also, it's hard to find a job even in today's economy. A prestigious college on a graduating student's resume can increase the chances to find a job after college.

Average High School Students. Most students are average intelligence. They have average grades. SAT scores are average. They have little to no time for extra activities to improve their college application because they need more time studying. Average grades and average SAT scores disqualify average students going to popular colleges. The average students aren't dumb. The college enrollment process is too hard.

Blame The System. Life is unfair. The sentence is cheap. The sentence is true. The college admission system favors the rich, favors the students with a support system, and favors students with college connections. The colleges are partially responsible for the scam. Some parents need Singer's help for whatever reason to enroll their children to college.

Greed. Self-explanatory. Singer took advantage of anxious stressed-out parents desperate for their children to attend prestigious colleges.

Final Note. Bribes, exclusive favors, special deals, and payouts happen every day. They happen everywhere. You scratch my back, I scratch yours.


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