Saturday, December 10, 2016

I Blog, You Comment Dec 10, 2016

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone is going to have a good winter holiday. Your comments are below.

I wrote in my Top Ten I Was Correct When I Was Young nobody told me I was living part of my childhood correctly. I realized as an adult I was correct such as when I was born determined my success, daydreaming, and exercise.

I share the same feelings when I was a child. No parent involvement. I was good at drawing. My parents didn't reinforce my talents. Here I am today being a administrative assistant. --Viola Cohen, Cedar Rapids, IA

I run a daycare for grade school children. I continue to hear stories from my children they know little about their parents. It's like the children are dropped off here for me to babysit while the parents work too many hours making too much money. Why have sons and daughters? My children have many talents. I do my best to encourage them to continue learning more. --iluvcookies, via email

As a single parent, it's hard to raise my two children. My ex is nonsupportive. I'm too stressed to pay attention to my children. It's unfair to me and my children. --Estelle Roy, Groton, CT

People chimed in with different thoughts regarding the pie in The Size Of The Pie Is Still The Same. I wrote people want more piece of the pie when the pie size is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

The pie is not the same. There are more opportunities in the world. People are taking advantage of new and expanded opportunities. --Ana Simmons, Webster, NY

My parents would teach me to expand my horizons. Expand my opportunities. Expand what I can do. Think big! --Wendy Wise, Cleveland, TN

There are more pies out there. You need to find your pie. --Zachary Richards, Clearwater, FL

How is the pie the same? Wealth is increasing. The world is generating more opportunities for more successes. --Rob B., Helotes, TX

Life rarely follows what we want. Life rarely follows our own plans. Your Life Map Is Full Of Colors, Scribbles, Eraser Marks elaborates.

I added and addendum when my children hear to follow their dreams. There are going to a moment in time something is going to change your dream. Something happens you must stop your dream and find another dream. It's reality. I want to prepare them for disappointment. The strength of the parents is to teach real reality. Not fake fairy tales. --Ken Wilson, Elmont, NY

Well written blog. I graduated with a mechanical engineer degree. I ended up being a programmer. My brother graded with an accounting degree. He's a project manager who has done zero journal entries in his company. --Lester Little, Richardson, TX

Thank you, thank you for writing the blog. I always thought I was a failure. I planned my college and my life after college. The plan failed. I'm doing other stuff. I'm somewhat happy. I'm [successful] in a different way. I feel better after reading your blog. Life gave me a different path. I now accept the different path. --Wilfried Hebrang, Germany

There were so many roadblocks it was like life hated me. I was supposed to be a loser. I'm still working hard. There are still roadblocks. It's either keep going or commit suicide. One of these days I tell my children my life map was and is full of scribbles and eraser marks. --Jodi Lloyd, Yuba City, CA

I've been laid off twice and fired once. I write those jobs with a red mark. I write a blue mark signaling a new opportunity. --Francis Pierce, Parkville, MD

The only thing that has gone my way was marrying my high school sweetheart. Everything else is secondary. I continue living life to the fullest despite my life going on too many tangents. --Tommie Smith, New Milford, CT

Everything is going to be okay I tell myself when something doesn't go my way which is a lot. For the most part, everything actually ended up all right. --Dominick Daniels, Derry, NH

I elaborated the importance of sleep when I experienced a week of poor sleep in Today I Want To Talk About Sleep.

I study sleep for 20 years. One fact some people don't know is sleep slows down the body. It slows the aging process. People who want to stay young, spend more time sleeping instead of popping pills and applying expensive creams. --Mike Bush, Nashville, TN

I blogged the late genius Steve Jobs' life quotes in Top Ten Steve Jobs Quotes.

Love the blog. I copied the blog to my phone to remind myself his successes and to cheer me up when I'm depressed. --Carla Patton, Danville, VA

Steve Jobs should be called our modern day Albert Einstein. --Xian Yu, Hong Kong

You need to write another top ten Steve Jobs quotes. Continue [sharing] and remembering his legacy. --Ginger Reed, Boston, MA

I counted my blessings on Sat Aug 14, 2016. I also counted my lucky stars from the comments I received in Be Grateful Day.

You're one lucky son of a bitch. I would do anything to trade lives. --Ervin Scott, Hudsonville, MI

Consider yourself lucky. I'm in poverty. Too many misfortunes led me to my current life struggling financially. --Jonathon Sherman

I have a Ph.D., in credit card debt, and working 2 jobs. My wife is also working 2 jobs. You're lucky you have no financial problems. --Frank Chapman, Pleasanton, CA

I want your lucky life. You're in good health. You have no debt. You have the time to learn. I don't. --Guadalupe Armstrong, Apple Valley, CA

I like your attitude. Make the best of your current situation. Unemployed suck. I'm going to start learning new skills. --Anne Gonzalez, Atlanta, GA


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