Sunday, September 20, 2015

A Perfect Relationship Grows Old Together

What is a perfect relationship? My answer is simply the couple gets along with each other. The relationship gets better as time moves forward. There is no settling down. There is no stale. The confident couple communicates, smiles, takes one for the team as said in sports, adjusts, and strengthens each other. They accept the relationship. They find a way to make the relationship last.

Personality, interests, hobbies, attitudes, and beliefs are important, too. The couple adds compatibility matching as many of those key attributes. However, those key attributes mean nothing when the couple can't get along. There is a relationship with trust, intimacy, faith, and joy. The key attributes fall into place.

Divorce lawyers fear the future when more relationships become perfect. Intelligent relationships acknowledge the ups and downs. Strengthen the ups. Solve the downs. Nothing is taken for granted. Complement each other. Appreciate each other. Laugh with each other. Everyone finds someone to be in a perfect relationship with a little luck and favorable timing. Keep looking.


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