Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Brain Use It Or Lose It

I watched a documentary titled "The Brain That Changes itself" based on the same title book by Norman Doidge, M.D. The brain adapts when parts of the brain are functionally abnormally. My favorite part of the documentary was a person born with a 67% brain. 33% of the brain is missing. There is a void. The brain compensated. The person functions a normal person with hard work and therapy.

I believe my brain was underdeveloped when I was young. I experienced learning problems. I took remedial classes in school. I'm confident my brain is getting stronger today. My brain is getting healthier. My brain is growing. I'm catching up what I missed. I comprehend new lessons quicker. I'm improving my life which starts with my brain. My brain must experience stimuli daily. I must learn new ideas to keep my brain healthy, strong, sharp, and focus. I must learn new tricks no matter how old I am. I'm lucky I discover the importance of my brain now instead of later. Use it or lose it.

There are two websites to watch the documentary: Documenary Storm or YouTube.

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