Thursday, June 27, 2019

Top Ten Little Changes Since Oct 2013

There is a common saying add up the little things big successes follow. Increment. Take it one step at a time. Many steps, many mistakes, and many trials and errors spread over time are required to be a better person. Going to the gym two hours before closing on weekends is an example of a little change. More people workout one hour before closing than two hours before closing. Another little change is condom size. I wear larger size condoms. Larger size condoms is number two. I choose Oct 2013 because the date was a life wake-up call. Here are the top ten little changes since Oct 2013:

10. Pay Cash For Small Businesses. I shop at small businesses paying cash instead of credit card to help keep costs down. I also pay cash at gas stations offering cash discounts. I might as well get my gas discount immediately instead of waiting for the credit card rewards.

9. Mouse And Mouse Pads. I use a bigger size mouse and a gaming mouse pad to prevent rashes and chafing on my right hand along my pinky size. It's worth paying extra money for gaming mouse pads.

8. Podcasts. My first podcast was Sex With Emily. Informative. I also listen to 99% Invisible, Awesome Etiquette, Freakonomics, and Stuff You Should Know. My current events podcasts are 60 Minutes and Nightline. My retired podcasts are Car Talk airing repeats and NBC Sports Bay Area Happy Hour.

7. Dental Hygiene. I brush my teeth after breakfast and before I sleep. I floss after all meals. I rinse my mouth with mouthwash after lunch. I use the WaterPix before I sleep. I switched toothpaste from Arm & Hammer to Colgate because I developed an allergic response Angular Cheilitis using Arm & Hammer.

6. Gym Workouts. I workout four days week. My schedule is two consecutive days of cardio, one rest day, and two consecutive days of weights. Maintaining a strong penis is a good gym motivator.

5. Less Water. I turn on the sink faucet when I rinse my shaver only. I turn on the shower faucet when I wet myself before lathering and rinsing only.

4. Diet Changes. I minimize eating junk food, eating processed food, and eating at restaurants. No moderation. Yes minimizing. No dairy. I reduce my water intake. No more drinking eight glasses of water a day. No more filtered water products such as Brita from retail stores.

3. Reduced "and." My writing style improved reducing "and" in my sentences.

2. Condoms. The women who told me I have a bigger size are true instead of being polite. The larger size condom is easier to roll up.

1. No More Family Guy. I donated all my Family Guy DVDs. I also donated movie DVDs I haven't watched in years.

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