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Raymond Mar One Liners 2

Muscle & Fitness July/August 2017 issue interviewed Arnold Schwarzenegger titled "Arnold" by Peter McGough. The interview inspired me to write one liners reflecting me. There is no particular chronological order. I write anything I thought my mind. Here is the second Raymond Mar One Liners. The first was written on Sun Jun 17, 2018.

Kodiak is the first pancake mix I used to make pancakes.

I have seen new gym workout techniques and equipment. I attempted none of them. I'm old school.

The only contest I won was guessing the weight of three pumpkins in junior high. Each student from grades 6th, 7th, and 8th each won $5. I won for the 6th graders. Maybe my next winning contest is a big award. Patience is a virtue.

I fail to understand why more people are eating out. Eating out may be cheaper for some people. There is long-term health problems eating too much processed foods. Most residences have kitchens. Use your kitchen. Learn how to cook. Cooking is a good skill to learn. Cooking is a good stress relief. Cooking is a good way to think of solving problems concentrating the mind on cooking.

Chances are you may have more courage than you think. If you don't runaway from problem, then you have courage. If you don't drink away your sorrows, then you have courage. If you don't binge eat to forget your worries, then you have courage. If you don't play video games because you're angry, then you have courage.

There are people spending money stupidly. These people buy useless junk. Spend the extra money on a good mattress and a good bed. People feel better after a good night's sleep. Money can't be good moods.

I continue driving my 2005 Toyota Camry. I don't understand why people needs the over-marketed and over-hyped car technology. I drive a reliable car to get me from point A to point B without complications. I need a radio, bright headlights, A/C, and a defroster.

My senior year in high school was quiet. Some of my senior class including myself transferred from our old high school in our junior year because the district closed two schools due to budget cuts. I think about my senior year. It really wasn't bad. I'm lucky I still have friends back then.

If there is a minimum requirement before a person dies, the minimum requirement is I learned something about my life.

The most influential websites require no analytical thinking. The websites are Google, YouTube, Google, Reddit, Google, Craigslist, Google, eBay, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple.

There are laws in the USA requiring sleep and rest. Pharmacists are required to take a lunch break. Pilots are required to sleep eight hours. Should there be a law requiring full time workers in all industries to sleep eight hours?

My favorite sea animal is the shark. My favorite land animal is the tiger.

Classic Sesame Street skits are still the best Sesame Street. Parents, if you want your children to watch legit Sesame Street, then watch legit Sesame Street on YouTube. I read an article interviewed the parents allow their children to watch YouTube only if it's classic Sesame Street.

San Francisco Giants fans must wait years before we win another World Series Championship. Bryce Harper is not the key piece for a championship team. Mistakes were made between 2015-2018 which must be corrected. It takes time.

Let It Be by The Beatles is my all-time favorite Beatles song. It's my all-time favorite song.

One night I watched selected episodes from Breaking Bad. I remember I was an inpatient at O'Connor Hospital. AMC aired Breaking Bad The Best Of Gus Fring marathon I watched on my hospital bed. I even experience the hospital smell watching Breaking Bad.

If you're using your smartphone to find information, then you're using your smartphone correctly. If you're using your smartphone for fun and less than 30 minutes, then you're using your smartphone correctly.

Update On A Past Blog

Controlling my money and controlling stress are Two Personal Vows I wrote on Apr 2017. I vow I'm the same Raymond Mar whether I have $1 or $1,000,000 in my bank account. I vow I work hard to control my stress such as eating healthy, exercising, and sleeping eight hours a night.

High intelligence is another reason to control my stress. Stress makes people dumber. I'm not a psychologist. My intuition tells me stress kills brain cells. I have seen stressed out people lose focus, forget knowledge, learn slower, and respond longer. Stressed out people lose intelligence. What is one sign a person is stressed? Communication. A person's body, verbal, and written communication are weak, poor, and difficult. Pay attention to the communication tone and words.

More people must listen to classical music including Mozart.

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