Saturday, August 03, 2013

I Wasn't A Dumb Child After All

My dad taught me the Trucker's Hitch earlier today to help me tie my girlfriend's belongings on his truck. I helped her move to a new house. The lesson took 45 minutes. I'm aware learning a new rope knot can be tricky and challenging to some people. My story is different.

There were frustrations and anger during the lesson. Fortunately, there was laughter towards the end. My dad had difficulty communicating the specific details. I had trouble following his instructions. I have known my dad is terrible at explaining and teaching me almost anything from painting, changing the oil, plumbing, barbequing, installing a new computer, and learning knots.

The Trucker's Hitch lesson made me realized I wasn't a dumb child. My dad and mom were bad teachers. I got frustrated easily such that I felt dumb. My self-esteem was weak I believed I can't learn anything new. I learned too little which explains why I'm catching up on the missed years in my 20s and even my childhood. I feel hurt.

My parents were impatient. They didn't slow down. They didn't explain in different ways. They yell at me when I didn't understand the first time. They didn't make sure I learn what they taught me. I remember one moment my dad played poker with his nieces and nephews when I was four. He never taught me. There were no closeness and bonding when my parents raised me.

I successfully learned the Trucker's Hitch used in the move. For the record, I forgive them for being bad teachers. I think about my childhood occasionally what my parents could have done better to raise me. It's easy to think about my past since I live with my parents in the very slow economic recovery. Perhaps, thinking about my parent's past mistakes and unfulfilled childhood experiences are a sign I'm a mature adult.

Communication Skills

Communication is important to build strong relationships between parents, children, and siblings. Any good person with a good heart knows talking and teaching are important in human relations. Parents who have problems teaching lessons and sharing knowledge must find some time to learn and correct. Children must develop their brains. They crave learning. Build a strong self-esteem. Communicate and explain. I missed most of my childhood knowing and experiencing little. Please don't let your children experience my empty childhood.

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