Sunday, January 07, 2018

Life Is Unfair There Is Bad Luck

You feel life is unfair. Me, too. You experience down on your luck. Me, too. You're not the only person who feels life is unfair. You're not the only person who experiences down on your luck. The title is well known. The title is true. Are you experiencing bad breaks? Me, too.

Today's blog is dedicated to people like me doing their best to live life as a mature adult. Feel free to stop reading if you heard too much of the clique title. I'm sharing my feelings. I'm sharing my present experiences. I'm tired getting bad luck. I'm frustrated I'm earning no rewards. These experiences and feelings continue since May 2015.

Somebody wins. Somebody loses. The worse feeling is consistently losing. The worse feeling is receiving the short-end many times. The worse feeling is the unknown--when am I going to get victories? The absolute worse is bad people experiencing good moments. There are good people with motivation, integrity, and sincerity. There are good people working hard intelligently doing something to convert bad fortunes to good fortunes. The end results are no rewards. Frustrating.

There are stories of people experiencing life being unfair. There are stories of people with consistent bad luck. Search online. You're not alone. Sports history is a good source to find stories.

The bad luck people keep going. There is no complaining because we don't have time and we don't waste energy. Sometimes we laugh off the bad moments. We continue doing our best. There is no reason to quit; otherwise, we sit around doing nothing which is boring. We can't get worse. Life must get better. We solve our problems. The absolute ending for human beings is death. There is nothing to lose. Stay strong. Stay courageous.


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