Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Work Sucks

I experienced feeling accomplish getting everything done yesterday. I was ready for the next anything. My next thought was being unemployed has one advantage. The one advantage is I complete my to-do list quick. My to-do list is consistently short. There are no to-do list delays. I have all the time in the world completing all my tasks. I have all the time in the world fulfilling my responsibilities. There is stress being unemployed living a paused life. On the other hand, there is no stress remembering incomplete tasks.

Many people must be stressed-out at work and at home. How much time a person has outside work to complete their out-of-work tasks? Moreover, how much time a parent has outside work to fulfill parenting responsibilities? How is the physical condition of the person outside work? Tired. Stressed-out. Is there time for physical activity for physical fitness? Strong bodies and strong minds work together. A person can spend more time on their out-of-work tasks; however, how much time does the person have to sleep?

Life is a full circle. Delays are frustrating. Add up the delays inside work and outside work affects the person inside work and outside work in a negative way such as lower performance, poor concentration, and weaker social bonds. It seems many people are experiencing a net loss between new tasks created and tasks completed. I have seen people stressed out. These people change. Weak tolerance. Poor judgment. Easy to get angry. Eat unhealthy. Worry too much.

Raw Deal

I think about workers going to work, work their eight hours, and going home. Some workers work nine or more hours. Life is giving many workers a raw deal. Or companies are giving many workers a raw deal. Or both life and companies. We must work to earn an income. We have a personal responsibility to take care of ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, and spiritually. However, many people fail to accomplish their personal responsibilities. Today's workplace is more complex compared to the past. Today's life is more complex compared to the past. More time, more money, and more resources are required to live life at work and at home. I can't explain it any clearer. Life is getting bigger. The raw deal is more people are spending more time at work which means less time outside work living life. It's ironic to live a good life we must work more. We work more we have less time living a good life. Work sucks.


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