Monday, January 08, 2018

Yes Football No Football

The 2017 NFL season playoffs began Sat Jan 6 and Sun Jan 7 with Wild Card Weekend. Good games. No blowouts. I watched the Sat games Titans at Chiefs and Falcons at Rams on TV. The games were entertaining; however, I felt no excitement. There was a guilty feeling.

There were many errands I must complete. I choose to listen to the Sun games Bills at Jaguars and Panthers at Saints on the radio while completing my errands. I watched the highlights and the last two minutes of the Panthers at Saints on TV. I felt satisfied. There was no guilty feeling.

Why did I feel guilty on Sat? Why did I feel satisfied on Sun? The answer to both questions is I completed tasks on Sun. I got stuff done. I became proactive checking off my to-do list. I felt no guiltiness wasting time watching TV even though Sat football games were good. In other words, I felt satisfied and I felt happier on Sun listening to the football games on the radio while being productive. On the other hand, I felt dissatisfied and I felt angrier on Sat watching the football games on the TV while doing nothing. Timing was bad because I didn't complete tasks on Sat to watch football games on Sun during the regular season. Timing was bad because the Christmas holiday ended my to-do list grew bigger.

I realized the Sun feeling reminded me how to think and how to behave like a mature professional adult. These adults have an attitude of working hard to be successful. There is work to be done. Complete the work. Avoid the guilty feeling wasting time. These adults know the fun comes soon after tasks are completed. Personally, I hate getting stuff not done. Fortunately, my fun came Sun night after I completed my tasks.

Finally, there is no guilty feeling getting no tasks completed before or on Super Bowl Sunday.


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