Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Home Drive-Thru Movies

There are times we have some open minutes waiting for something. We're waiting for the entire family to get ready. We're waiting for someone to arrive. There is a delay. The meal is ready in 15 minutes. The download is approximately 10 minutes remaining. There are times we want to watch something on television eating a snack or eating a meal. The solution to these two times is watching a movie home drive-thru style.

Watching a movie home drive-thru style is watching favorite scenes in a movie which takes up the entire open minutes or finishing a meal. For example, storming the beaches in Normandy in Saving Private Ryan, the sword battles in The Princess Bride, Jack Butler after he shaved and man up in Mr. Mom, Carl flying with his house in UP!, opening battles in 007 James Bond movies, and the panty raid in Revenge Of The Nerds. Also, movie home drive-thru style is watching favorite scenes from beginning to end as if watching a condensed version of the movie. And movie home drive-thru applies to television shows.

There is no need for a big bowl of popcorn. Rewatch favorite scenes from favorite movies or favorite television shows quickly to pass the time or quicker when eating a meal which takes less than an hour.


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