Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Top Ten This Is A Joke Moments

We see, hear, and experience these "are you kidding me" moments. Sports are a good example. The referees make incorrect calls that are clear cut obvious. Sometimes players choke on routine plays. Another good example is getting the wrong change in a store when the math is so easy a second grader can calculate it. We hear dumb criminals and people making bad choices from the nightly news. How about those stupid 911 calls? How about the frivolous lawsuits? And we have expectations attending an event such as going to a concert. We sit down and listen to the music which turns out to be worse than crap.

We get mad and disappointed at first. We laugh at a later time. The world needs laughter, even at the expense of other people. And it's a good future conversation starter or topic. Here are my top ten:

10. My Dad's Truck Stolen (2006). It was a 1984 Toyota truck with over 175,000 miles. There was nothing valuable inside. The police found the truck two days before the insurance claimed the loss. The missing items were pocket change and a security bar for the battery.

9. A Three Beats A Two (1994). I played the Robotech role-playing game in college. My character played one round of the card game Guts with the game master. Guts was taking one card and holding it on your forehead with the card showing outward. I saw the game master's card and the game master saw my card. Players might drop the card thereby neither winning nor losing like folding in poker.

I choose to play on because the game master had a two of spades. What made the moment a joke was I had a three of spades thereby winning the Guts match.

8. Stomach Flu (1991). One of my worse times I got sick in my life. My family and I were invited to a party organized by an executive in a high tech company. There were arcade games, party games, food, pizza, soda, cake, and movies. My family attended. Everyone from kids to adults had a great time. I was in bed all night.

7. My High School Closed (1991). The district chose to close two high schools because of the recession. My high school I attended for three years was not supposed to close. Word on my campus and interviews from high level administrators stated my high school was not closing. The announcement was made weeks later. My high school closed. Everyone in my campus was surprised.

I graduated my senior year at a different high school in the same district.

6. Anime Expo 2007 (2007). Nobody anticipated the problems from start to finish at Anime Expo '07. To be fair, some of the problems were beyond Anime Expo's control. Long lines at registration, performers not following the script at concerts, cancelled events, smaller dealer's room, disgruntled convention staff, weak cosplay gatherings, and overall disorganization. Local police was called to prevent a possible riot after the masquerade. You needed to attend to experience it.

5. My Plain White T-Shirts (2001-2008). I looked bad wearing them. I stopped wearing these shirts after my grown-up moment.

4. Interviewing For A Job (2012). We all experienced unusual interviews. I had two interviews for which the interviewers asked questions and wrote my answers both on paper. They also asked questions about culture and affirmative action. If you guessed a job involving the government, you're correct.

3. My Boss Did Nothing (2000-2002). There were warning signs my company shouldn't hire her. Management ignored them. She was my highly paid manager doing nothing for two years. Nobody knew what she did. She was eventually fired.

2. Super Bowl XXXI (1997). Blockbuster Video called me to fill in a shift for a sick worker during Super Bowl XXXI. My shift was over when the football game ended. I missed the party with my friends. It was the only Super Bowl I missed since I became a football fan.

1. Physics 60 Final At San Jose State University (1994). To quote a classmate, "I studied three hours for that!" The approximate 25-30 multiple choice final had four choices. The final was very easy a high school student could earn an A. There was a long line submitting the final 30 minutes later.

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