Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Million Plus People Like Me Struggling And Being Behind

I'm dedicating today's blog to all the people doing their best to get back on their feet. Our lives are either paused or in slow motion. Life goes on no matter what. The economy is tough. We know people who are doing well. We know people who started their lives again after overcoming their struggles and frustrations. We congratulate them. Our moments are coming soon. There is hope. Stay focus and stay positive. We must continue the struggles and accept the difficult responsibilities to get our lives back.

Blame The System

I talked to a friend I haven't seen in a year. His mom is a recruiter. He told me some information on how a recruiter works. He said recruiters want to help the millions of people who need a job. They are qualified with experienced, education, and knowledge. They can't be hired because of unemployed gaps in the resumes or not qualified enough per the job description. Employers, human resources, and hiring managers want someone with the latest and greatest qualifications and recent experience. Truthfully, anyone meeting the minimal education requirements and experience can handle the job. They don't even get a call for a follow up interview. Recruiter's can't be sentimental. They're paid by filling the position matching the job descriptions and desires from their clients. It's tough and unfair.

Recruiters handle hundreds of resumes a day. They use scanners and machines to find key words. They choose the best candidates from their database to fulfill their requirements to fill the open positions. I was told from another friend most recruiters don't read cover letters. Recruiters read cover letters when they want more information on the candidate, and it must be short.

I have friends working full time telling me their jobs are not difficult. Training was provided. They eventually learn and master their responsibilities. Job descriptions overstate what's required. A senior recruiter I know told me job descriptions are written to find the "dream candidate" which very rarely happens. If there is a position I meet half of the qualifications and experience, I submit my resume.

We're going to find jobs. We're going to meet new people. We're going to be successful. We're going to need help from family, friends, and networking. We're going to better, wiser, smarter, and stronger. We're going to resume our lives again experiencing new experiences and finding new adventures with a little luck and favorable timing. My bottom line is everything is going to be okay.

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