Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Stuff And Things Are Just That

We own personal possessions that, for the most part, define who we are. We own DVDs, books, souvenirs from vacations, clothing, stuffed animals, computers, modes of transportation, watches, televisions, games, lamps, dishes, paintings, furniture, antiques, etc. Some of our possessions have a sentimental value. Some of our possessions are outdated or obsolete. Some of our possessions no longer have a practical use. And some of our possessions are used whenever needed.

In the end, everything we own, our own stuff and things, are just stuff and things. Out with the old and in with the new. There is always going to be something better. I sold or donated some of my possessions I have no use anymore. My room could have been a hoarder's paradise if I kept everything. I believe in dumping the junk. I believe it's worth the time to organize and to live a life with minimal possessions. I don't buy many stuff and things during a sale. I buy possessions I feel I have long term practical use.

Finally, my favorite souvenir item is magnets. They are cheap and take a tiny amount of space in a residence. Specifically, the refrigerator.

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