Sunday, February 05, 2017

2016 Year In Review. Is 2016 or 2007 The Worst Year Of My Life?

I stopped my year in reviews a long time ago. I don't remember the last time I wrote a review. Reviewing past years were a waste of time. I believed the reviews brought me bad luck. I never understood why people do personal yearly reviews. 2016 was a bad year. I revive reviewing my past year because I want to learn what I did wrong. Could I have done something different? What were the good choices? What were the bad choices? I select my 2016 Moment Of The Year first. There were highlights. I reflect my 2016 second. Finally, I answer the question is 2016 or 2007 the worst year of my life.

2016 Moment Of The Year
Nominees: Innovate Infinitely Webpage Redesigned; Learning New Job Skills Such As CSS, HTML5, Linux, Python, and VBA; Samsung Galaxy S7; Zion National Park
Explanation: I was inspired to redesign my webpage because I wanted to learn HTML5 and CSS. I also wanted to redesign my webpage to add my webpage to my resume comfortably. I also learned new job skills to strengthen my resume. I purchased a new smart phone replacing my HTC One M7. My cousin organized a second trip to Zion National Park in the last two years for which we hiked The Subway Bottom Up.
What Won: Zion National Park
What Should Have Won: Zion National Park
My Thoughts Jan 2017: The winner Zion National Park was a no-brainer. Zion should have won in 2015. Learning New Job Skills won in 2014.

Reflect 2016

The four nominees for my 2016 Moment Of The Year said how bad my 2016. The four nominees, quality-wise and quantity-wise, were poor moments. 2016 was a bad year. I job searched two times a day five days a week. I worked out at the gym four or five days a week. I learned new job skills and review existing job skills five or six days a week. I minimized eating junk food. I read books. I controlled my spending. I was a good person. Where were the rewards? I'm still unemployed. I still live with my parents. I'm not in the driver's seat in my life. I continue waiting for my life car to drive--to maximize control of my own life. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

Moreover, everyone upgrades their smart phones. If it wasn't for learning new job skills, then I never redesign my webpage.

My top concerns ending 2016 and entering 2017 are meeting new people and making new friends. My 2016 social life was almost nonexistent. I'm afraid my lack of social interaction weakens my social skills. Nobody wants to be with a loser.

Life is a zero sum. There are some people who experienced a good 2016. 2016 was a bad year for many people. I'm in the majority. I hope for a good 2017.

Is 2016 or 2007 The Worst Year Of My Life?

2016 and 2007 are the only bad years of my life from Jan 1 to Dec 31. I took 2007 for granted. I got a new job. I owned my first car. I failed to take advantage of the good moments given to me. 2007 was a bad year because I was naive. I took 2007 for granted. I'm a mature, a professional, and a good person today. I did everything right in 2016. Nothing happened. Bad luck. Bad timing. 2016 was a boring year. The answer is obvious. 2016 is the worst year of my life.

Side note: There were seven nominees for my 2007 Moment Of The Year. Click Moment Of The Years to view my past moments.


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