Friday, May 05, 2017

Never Stop Learning Lesson Emphasized Because One Of The Shermans Past Away

I wrote a blog titled The Shermans on Wed May 23, 2007. I mentioned the husband and wife live life to the fullest in their retirement years. They devote time to their family. They never stop learning. They continue traveling. They continue finding new experiences to experience such as eating new foods.

I learned last month the husband past away at 95 years old. He achieved the "90 Club" in my book. The last Sherman's family picture I saw the husband lost a significant amount of weight. His diet change and daily exercise extended his lifespan. The husband had typical senior people aliments such as hearing loss, poor short-term memory, and slow physical movement. However, the husband learned new skills and acquired new knowledge to keep his brain sharp. My dad taught him computers such as operating a Windows desktop, emailing past co-workers, and creating Excel spreadsheets. He self-taught himself investing. He read newspapers daily.

I failed to adapt the never stop learning lesson in May 2007. I'm correcting my mistake today. I'm learning new job skills such as Python, JavaScript, Oracle, and Salesforce. I'm acquiring new knowledge such as emergency survival skills, backpacking, MahJong, and gym workout routines. I'm reviewing existing job skills such as Excel, SQL, and HTML. I read books. I listen to music. I work out at the gym.

My top priorities are finding a job and moving out of my parent's house. The Sherman's life is a template when I achieve independence. Never stop learning. Travel. Seek new adventures. Experience new experiences. Meet new people. Create new circle of friends. Get married. Minimize regrets. I'm not wasting my one life watching television eight hours a day some senior people choose a sedentary life.

Update Sat Aug 19, 2017: The wife passed away in Jul 2017. One of their daughters wrote a letter to inform my parents who informed me.


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