Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Green Steno Notebook 1

The picture above is the notebook I acquired on the first day of my new white collar job. I wrote notes during my job training. I wrote other notes, reminders, and knowledge thereafter. I share many of them. Here is the first blog.

*Jan 2009. Be patient buying clothes because I shop for the best deal. Also, buy new clothes on vacation. Create a memory and an emotional attachment.

*Mar 2009. 60 Minutes interviewed Harry Markopolos who informed the Securities and Exchange Commission about Bernard Madoff The Man Who Knew

*May 2009. Shopped at REI's Anniversary sale for the first time. I purchased a new daytime backpack, hiking clothes, and hiking boots.

*June 2009. I bench pressed 200lbs.

*July 2009. Ninja III: The Domination movie is the about a woman became possessed by a evil ninja. Sho Kosugi is the lead actor. Ninja Domination 3 - Scene 1

Purchased family's first Dyson vacuum cleaner.

I heard a Katy Perry song for the first time. It was "Hot N Cold."

Syndicate is a MS-DOS game created in 1993. Wiki link

Land's End Trail in San Francisco, CA. I have not hiked the trail as of the blog post.

*Aug 2009. Cadillac Ranch - Bruce Springsteen - Paris 85


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