Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tomorrow Is Another Day And Time Moves Forward

The Census Bureau reported Thur 14.3% of Americans in 2009 are in poverty. That’s 1 in 7 people or 43.6 million people. The 14.3% figure is the highest since 1994. I think about poor people when I go to the grocery store occasionally. I see a parents pay groceries with food stamps a few times. How can people raise children without financial support? I’m sure some families did well and now must accept assistance because of the recession. I digress.

Yesterday I looked outside my front window. There is a school across the street from my house. I saw soccer moms and dads with their children playing soccer. The family mini vans and sedans were parked on the street. There are some families unaffected by the recession.

I thought about the families in poverty while I watched the soccer families. Then I thought about life. I thought about today, the present. Time continues on. Life move forwards. Each second moves forward making tick-tick-tick sounds from my clock. Money, fame, popularity, intelligent or dumb people, and personal possessions. Time and life are nondiscriminatory. Time and life continue forward in good days and bad days. They never stop for anyone. If something happens to me good and bad, time and life continues.

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