Monday, September 20, 2010

Accutane Day 592

I’m happy the cyst is removed. My face looks better. One of my stitches came off three days after my surgery. I was told stitches today are biodegradable and stitches fall off when the skin is fully healed. That was a relief. I planned to make an emergency appointment after Labor Day weekend. It was unnecessary.

I went to my follow up appointment. My dermatologist gave me the laboratory report. The report said my cyst was not a cyst. There was “mild cystic dilatation. There is no evidence of malignancy.” The report further states a congenital origin and other medical terms I don’t understand. My dermatologist inspected the cheek, removed the stitches, took a final look, and said everything is good. The blood cots showing on my skin heal in six months.

My eczema appears on my face occasionally. I apply Topicort to the eczema. I apply Atralin on my nose every day and on my cheeks every other day. It appears I’m more sensitive to Atralin than I thought.

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Christopher-Gaspar said...

Hey Raymond,

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