Saturday, May 04, 2013

The Three C's And A P: Choices, Consistency, Control, Proactive

I wrote a blog about a person's success is based on making good choices, producing consistent results, and controlling the most circumstances in his or her life on Tue Apr 2. The title of the blog was The Three C's: Choices, Consistency, Control. I want to discuss the "P" which stands for "Proactive", another key to be successful. First, here's a quick review on the three C's:

*Choices. How does a person know he or she is an adult? The answer is the person can make their own choices. Make good choices and life is good.

*Control. A person having control in his or her life demonstrates strength, intelligence, wisdom, and influence. A person can't control the weather, natural disasters, and car accidents. He or she can control how to deal with everyday life in good or bad moments.

*Consistency. Routine life is not being consistent. Living a daily life with ups and downs is not healthy. A person should be active with consistency. It's like a baseball player hitting a consistent .330 batting average in a season without slumps and brief hot streaks.

Here is proactive:

*Proactive. One of my career highlights was being a proactive research analyst. I supported the brokers working in the research department. My department was responsible for all the data, information, statistics, and marketing reports in commercial real estate. Specifically, one of my primary responsibilities was fulfilling daily requests and solving problems. I was creative, I thought ahead to provide better service, I innovated my work, and I produced excellent reports for their clients. I never criticized and complained because they were a waste of time and energy. I focused on satisfying the brokers' requests professionally. My professionalism was a positive action such that all the brokers could be comfortable coming to me for help.

The highlight above is a good example being proactive. A proactive person makes sure everyone is comfortable around him or her. The person never reacts in a negative way. He or she solves problems, takes the initiative, brainstorms for better solutions, and gets the job done. The results exceed expectations. There is stability and assurance everything is going to be good. A proactive person is an all-star.

Follow, practice, and adapt the three C's and P. I promise life is better making your own choices, being consistency at everything you do, controlling as many circumstances, and proactively solving problems and preventing future troubles.

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