Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Size Of The Pie Is Still The Same

I believe more people want a piece of the pie. Life's pie. The size of the pie has been the same for eternity. There are more people living in the world. Everyone wants a piece of the pie. There's not enough pie for everyone.

Some people want more share of the pie. They never stop no matter what. They want to keep going owning more pie. Enough is not enough. They desire more power, wealth, and fame. Some of these people cross the line from good morals to bad morals. Questionable actions. Questionable sacrifices. Unethical. No discretion.

Everyone wants this. Everyone wants that. The world is complex how can planet Earth sustain population increase? People want their space. Planet Earth has a finite amount of space. Neighborhoods recognize the need for more housing, yet the neighborhoods want new housing built somewhere else.

I digress. The bottom line: There is too much greed.


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