Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Motivated To Do What I'm Doing

My motivation is at my highest in my entire life. I'm motivated to be strong, smart, kind, and wise. I'm motivated to earn my independence. I'm learning new job skills and reviewing existing job knowledge six days a week. I'm learning Python for the second time. I'm reviewing HTML. I'm learning HTML5 and CSS next. I job search five days a week. I say goodbye to people hindering my motivation to be independence. I workout at the gym four or five days a week. I find time to relax such as read a book or watch a movie. I pace myself to avoid burnout.

I recently discovered motivation is more important than knowledge. My "will" is more important than my "knowledge". Desire is more important than book smarts. Anyone who feels unsuccessful must find the courage to generate self-motivation to work hard becoming successful. Enduring pain is a sign of courage. Learning from failure is a sign of growth. There is nothing to lose being unsuccessful. I have nothing to lose. I'm at the bottom working to move up. Get up and do something, anything.

My independence, my new knowledge, my new career, the people I meet, the people who are involved in my life including friendships and co-workers, new circle of friends, new experiences, new adventures . . . all of them are coming to my life. Be patient. Good things come to those who wait. Good things come to those working at them. Happiness is my end result.


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