Sunday, January 28, 2007

Celebrating My Grandfather Wing Quan

On January 18, 2007, my Grandfather Wing Quan passed away from pneumonia at the age of 89. Funeral services were held in Glendale, California. During his last years, he battled health problems and diabetes. His doctor said given his health condition, many elderly could have died in their 60s.

My Grandfather always put family first. When he immigrated to America, he worked as a gardener, cook, and servant sending money to his family in China. He gave little time to himself and kept his family in mind. 11 years later, he brought his family to America.

One time, my family visited Santa Barbara when I was a kid in the late 1980s. One afternoon, one donut remained in the Winchell’s donut box. My sister wanted to eat the donut for breakfast tomorrow. She wrote a note next to the donut saying it’s her donut. A few hours later, my Grandfather went to Winchell’s and purchased a dozen donuts during his afternoon errands for tomorrow’s breakfast.

Another example of family first dedication was taking care of his mother. His mother suffered a stroke and part of her body was paralyzed. Three times a day, my Grandfather visited his mother in the nursing home feeding her, taking care of her including bathing and changing clothes, and talking to her. My great grandmother could not speak English and was the only resident who couldn’t speak English.

Other lessons learned from my Grandfather,

*Save money. Always have some money saved in case of emergencies.
*Family first. We live in the Information Age. One must find time and make family a priority.
*Judge a person by their successes. Judging a person by looks can be deceiving.
*Have the attitude of self reliance. Learn how to cook and take care by yourself. Never be 100% dependent.

Rest in peace and may heaven bring him continued joy and happiness.

Side Note: All four of my grandparents are deceased. My Grandmother from my Mom’s side passed away on April 1996. My Grandfather from my Dad’s side passed away on June 1997. And my Grandmother from my Dad’s side passed away in July 2006.

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