Sunday, May 09, 2010

Socialize and Conversing

You must have good conversation skills to socialize. Socializing and conversing complement each other. If you want to socialize, then you must have good conversation skills. It doesn't matter what group you are with. For me, it could be with anime, dance, school, or out of town. I'm looking for more friends to make and groups to create or to join.

There was a period in my life I didn't socialize. I didn't meet new people. I'm catching up with the mistakes I failed to meet new people and making new friends. I'm learning how to socialize and to converse. I'm improving socializing and conversing. I have made progress. There is a lot more to learn and a lot of people to meet and make friends.

My learning is trial and error. I made mistakes. Read a book on getting along with people. Read a book on communicating with others. Go out and do something. Find a group with common interests and join them. Start with something. Use the internet and find people with similar hobbies. I did. 98% of the people you meet you meet once and you're not going to see them again. The other 2% you're going to make friends. The 2% is huge. Take advantage of today's technology including social networking such as Facebook and Twitter. Cell phones, instant messaging, texting, emails, and forums. Good luck!

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