Thursday, October 30, 2014

Bringing Home Meals

There are many ways to determine if a person, a couple, a family . . . a group of people is happy in a household. One way is bringing home meals. Is the meal coming from a grocery store requiring cooking or the meal already prepared such as take out from a fast food restaurant? The exception is a household with people who agree to be responsible for their own meals. Otherwise, I have a thought relating meals and happiness.

I believe cooking meals is a happiness sign. Cooking demonstrates caring and thinking about everyone's well being. Cooking meals is beyond duty. There is satisfaction you and everyone else are happy eating a cooked meal. Lazy cooking is unsatisfactory. There must be effort, hard work, time spent, and thought preparing meals. There is no put the meal in the oven, bake it, and forget it until the meal is finished baking. There is creativity. The hands are working with food, spices, ingredients, the utensils, a chopping board, and the stove top.

On the other hand, unhappy people never cook. Meals are purchased at a restaurant, a deli, or in a supermarket's frozen food aisle. The attitude is "here's the meal purchased, let's eat, done." Cooking meals is a duty completed no more. The time spent cooking is being used for their own personal and selfish liking.

There are exceptions such as parties, too busy with responsibilities, unexpected events, and some senior citizens who eat out more often. I hope the too busy with responsibilities is temporary. Bad habits of eating out more often can develop because a sense of buying meals is easier and time saver than cooking at home. Show happiness. Be happier. Cook for yourself or cook for your household.


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