Saturday, December 06, 2014

Work Fri Dec 5, 2014

Mon Dec 1: It seemed some commuters were late to work after the Thanksgiving weekend. A car blocked my driver side mirror when I slowly moved forward continuously in the merging late of the expressway. I don't have a free entry path.

I felt tired during my first hours. The reason was my attitude. I wanted the weekend now. I needed more rest. I wanted to sleep. I didn't get the necessary rest during the holiday. The additional rest never happened. Some of the circumstances were beyond my control. Regardless, I must be professional. I started working on an assignment I started on my second week. My engineer told me to complete it.

I wore a single pair of socks with my dress casual shoes. I had been wearing two pairs of socks because my socks were thin. My feet felt more relaxed.

There were lots of cars in the parking lot when I walked back to my car. It seemed many full time employees arrived to work late.

Tue Dec 2: The rain arrived in the morning. It was the second day it rained during my commute. I used my umbrella from my car to my building. I dried my umbrella in my cubicle.

My engineer was sick. He worked from home. I continued the assignment I started yesterday.

I went out to lunch with a component engineer. We ate at a Chinese restaurant. Some of the conversations included our past careers, family, Thanksgiving, and the company.

I picked up a package at the front end. I purchased an item at Amazon a week before Black Friday. I used my company's mailing address to ship my package instead of my home address. I showed my badge to the front end staff. The staffer found my package from the stack. I walked to my car to drop off my package in my trunk.

Wed Dec 3: My engineer was sick again. He worked from home.

I took a 30 minute lunch because I arrived to work at 8:30am. The week had been little productivity. However, the time went by fast. I completed 50% of the assignment I started Mon.

There was a Happy Hour Decorate The Floor Christmas party for the Operations Department. There were snacks, crackers, cookies, and wine. I wanted to mingle with people to get to know everyone better. It never happened. I felt lost. I felt nobody wanted to get to know me. I felt intimidated. Thank goodness there was a making your own Christmas stocking in a meeting room. I made a stocking using paint to draw my name and draw a snowman.

I participated in past Christmas parties in a workplace. I expected my company to be different where everyone socialized. It never happened. The outcome was the same in past parties. Some people participated. Some people partially participated. Some people didn't care. The most active people were the ones near the senior manager and vice president's offices. It was the wine doing all the talking.

The floor was warm. I sweated throughout the afternoon including the party. I took off my long sleeve shirt.

Thur Dec 4: My engineer was sick again.

I checked the thermostat when I arrived at work because of yesterday's warm air. I lowered the thermostat from 72 degrees to 70 degrees.

I asked the component engineer questions on the supply database. He gave me tips reading some of codes. Very useful information.

I went to the company gym after work.

Fri Dec 5: My engineer worked from home continuing his recovery.

I donated $10 to the Second Harvest Food Bank. The company collected donations from all the workers.

I completed my assignment I started Mon. I had free time 45 minutes before the end of my work day. I checked my personal emails.

A company email was sent to the full time workers. The email told them to leave work before 4pm because there was a major sporting event nearby. Security monitored the parking lots. One of the exits was closed. I was informed of the company email from a full time co-worker.

I went to the company gym after work. I small talked with a worker who went to the lab to continue working in the elevator going down. He said working late Fri is better than waiting in line for bread.


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