Friday, April 08, 2016

Many Unemployed Jobs Searchers Like Me Are Frustrated

I phone interviewed with a medical technology company on Tue Apr 5. The position was an entry level financial analyst. I received the rejection email on Wed Apr 6. I believe I was overqualified. I have the background work experience and education the position could jump start my career. The hiring manager likely wanted a recent college graduate. Ironically, some other positions I applied the recruiter or the hiring manager told me I'm underqualified. They told me to apply for a junior level position. One frustration is I'm between entry level and experienced. I don't have the experience for senior level positions.

Another frustration was seeing job openings I applied in the past reappear in my job search. I track all my job applications in Excel. I saw four positions I applied months ago job searching on Wed Apr 6. What the heck? Did the hiring manager reject all the initial job applications and job candidates interviewed? Give the less experienced a chance. I said to myself, "I have confidence I can do the job. Give me the interview." I completed all my past jobs at the minimum satisfactory. In fairness to the companies, one possibility I saw the positions again is the job position was cancelled and reopened.

Blame The System

How can I get job experience if companies don't hire me to gain experience? It's a job experience irony. It's a life irony. The job market is tight. Companies can set the job requirements high. Companies can pick and choose patiently. Companies can be picky hiring new candidates. Read between the job market headlines. There are still millions of people looking for a job. Many of the job seekers are good people. Many of the job seekers need a chance. Many of the job seekers need a break. Finding the perfectly experienced job candidate is rare. Ironically, the perfectly experienced job candidate is usually not the best job candidate. The best job candidates can be the less experienced job seekers motivated to strengthen their resume. My advice to frustrated job seekers getting rejection notices is blame the system. Don't blame the recruiter. Don't blame the hiring manager. Today's job market the job candidate with recent experience, relevant experience, and no job training required have the highest chance to get a job. They're in the system. Job candidates with outdated experience, irrelevant experience, and requires job training have the lowest chance to get a job. They're out of the system.

The reader may ask about my networking. I have friends helping me find a job. Some of them submit my resume to human resources. Some of them look for internal job openings.

Don't give up. I'm not giving up. Give up and be unemployed. I have nothing to lose. I apply for full time jobs or contract jobs which strengthens my resume. I learn new job skills when I'm not job searching. Another advice is learn new skills to strengthen your resume when you're not job searching. Unemployed people have all the time in the world. My current project is learning VBA and Python.


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