Monday, September 26, 2016

The Person Who Needs Four Hours Of Sleep

I sleep at least eight hours every night. Sleep is important. Sleep rests my mind, body, and soul. Sleep is my reset for tomorrow.

I share an experience sleeping half of my eight hours. I visited Utah hiking and camping two weeks ago. I slept between four hours and six hours. I couldn't sleep for eight hours because we must wake up early the next morning. I didn't sleep for eight hours because I was excited, focused, and alert. Perhaps, I was too excited, too focused, and too alert. I ate breakfast in the morning. I functioned well the entire day. No caffeine. I don't drink coffee. I don't drink soda in the morning.

The experience made me think of some people who need little sleep. These people live a stimulated life. Every minute of life they live it to the fullest full of excitement, focus, and alert. There is no time to sleep. Sleep stops their lives. A rest is their sleep. These stimulated people need two to four hours of rest. There is no sleep four hours one night and 12 hours the next night to catch up on missed hours. They're themselves after the rest as if they slept for a full night. Four hours of sleep? Yes. They're 100% rested. Let's go. There are responsibilities to respond. There are errands to complete. There are problems to solve. There are new experiences to experience.

I'm not a sleep expert. I don't know the long-term health problems routinely sleeping little hours. There have been nights I slept between four hours and six hours knowing the next day I'm okay. I hope my sleeping four hours to six hours is temporarily during emergencies, vacations, one-offs, and priority problems.


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