Saturday, March 24, 2018

SOMT: A Few Malls Still Exists Today

Blogger’s Note: SOMT stands for Sign Of My Times, an occasional blog sharing my thoughts how time changes life from when I was young to today.

I shopped at a small mall yesterday to purchase a new pair of shoes. The mall was dead. Most of the people were alone on their phones or laptops. The few people shopped three-fourths of the mall occupied by stores. Also, the few people socialized without their electronics. These few people reminded me of malls of the old days. It was inevitable many malls closed today. One obvious reason is online shopping. There is no reason to leave your residence when consumers shop conveniently in front of their computer wearing pajamas. Another reason is there were too many malls.

I remember the malls were a magnet for people to get together. Loitering was acceptable in some malls. People left their residence, hung out, and met new people. No smart phones. No laptops. People communicated face-to-face. Some conversations could be started by walking around observing other people and stores.

I believe malls exist today and tomorrow. I believe there are people who keep the mall tradition alive. People shop, people meet, people eat together in food courts, and people socialize.

Update On A Past Blog

I want to add another movie for my blog Top Ten Movies I Watched Late on Mar 1, 2013. I blogged if I watched these movies earlier in my life, then I could have been a better person earlier in my life. I could have been wiser and smarter. The movie I add is "Fast Times At Ridgemont High." The movie depicted typical high school life such as sex, dating, drugs, and part-time jobs all are true today. Also, the movie depicted political topics such as abortion.


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