Saturday, March 03, 2018

Review My Daily Life Rules

The last time I reviewed my daily life rules was Jun 5, 2015 Life Rule Number 9: Welcome A Roller Coaster Life. I'm updating my daily life rules.

The first update is removing daily rule #7 "Have faith. Believe in yourself." I posted the reason What Is Believe? on Jun 17, 2017. I don't need believe to accomplish my goals. I have to accomplish them regardless.

The second update is adding daily rule #10 "Back in time and front and present." I elaborated rule #10 Anything Better Than Duct Tape? on Aug 5, 2017. Sometimes the old fashion ways are the best ways today.

My life daily rules in its entirety below:

1. Don't criticize, condemn, and complain, and don't compare with others.
2. Don't act like a jerk or bitch.
3. Always speak calmly and be calm.
4. Don't daydream when driving.
5. Keep your head up high . . . look at their cute face when talking.
6. Breath with your nose and stand up straight.
7. Have faith. Believe in yourself.
8. Let me think. Be discrete.
9. Welcome a roller coaster life.
10. Back in time and front and present.


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