Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Reward Failure In Schools

I remember my school years teachers rewarded students who answer questions correctly. Teachers penalized students who answer questions incorrectly. Maybe I slipped through the cracks nobody taught me to learn from failure. I'm fortunate I self-discovered learning from failure years later.

I defend my past teachers. I defend most teachers today. How do teachers teach failure is good? Maybe the answer is impossible. Learn from failure is a self-discover life lesson. Disregard the high grades. Disregard earning big points. Focus on the concepts. The better way to learn is make mistakes. Wisdom is acquired making the last mistake. Intelligence is acquired doing something and doing anything to eliminate wrong solutions. Life experience is acquired by trial and error.

Side note: The number 40 in WD-40 means the inventor failed making WD-40 39 times. They discovered WD-40 on their 40th attempt.

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