Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What Are You Doing For The Rest Of Your Life?

How many times do you ask yourself the question? Some people say anyone who asks the question is lost in their life. These lost people have no goals, no aspirations, no motivation to move to the next level, and no interest in finding a better life. I agree to some extent. These people picture these losers waking up late and sitting in a couch watching cable during lunch time and the afternoon during any given weekday.

I believe the question is a good question. I bet my year’s salary there are some executives, senior managers, and public service leadership position asking the same question. Most likely these people mastered their position, mastered their responsibilities, and mastered their skills they seek a new challenge, seek a new career path, and seek a new road in life.

I believe there is always a better life. One may see a husband, wife, and their two kids walking in the park smiling happily. Most people think they’re having the best time of their lives. Who knows, perhaps, the wife is thinking in the back of her head, “This life stinks and I want more?” I walk around my company campus, I see different people when I shop, I see families when I watch a movie or walk in the park, I think either they’re having a good life or they’re having a good life and want a better life.

I admit I ask myself the question quite a few times. Who did not ask themselves the question? If you have not ask yourself the question, then ask yourself the question and answer honestly? My answers vary. One day I have a different answer. Another day, another different answer. Timing is everything. Perhaps in the future when I find the answer, the timing is in my favor to follow through and work at my new goals, my new focus in life.

One may say I’m wasting my time doing nothing and thinking of different answers. Perhaps, yes. Perhaps, no. I learned a lesson during my Washington Canada trip in 2005. It’s patience. Be patient. Good things can happen to those who wait. Take life one day at a time. When the big moment happens, it’s going to happen to you fast. Good luck. Never stop innovating life.

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